Little Horse Mesa Loop

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Little Horse Mesa Trail from Soda Pocket Trailhead, follow Opportunity Trail northwest for about 1/4 mile to the Little Horse Mesa Trailhead. The ascent to the top is steep, but very short. You will be rewarded with incredible views of Sugarite Canyon and the plains beyond.

6.0 miles Loop 900 feet
hiking forest lake muddy
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Look for mule deer, elk, turkey and bear. There have been rare sightings of mountain lions. Some areas in the northern part of the park, particularly along Opportunity Trail, burned in the 2011 Track Fire. These areas are now recovering and new vegetation is coming up.

Case Ferguson

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As a frequent trail runner I can say that I enjoyed running around Lake Maloya and part of the Segerstrom trail. If I had downloaded the map in the link I could have enjoyed many more miles of trail running. However, I relied on a picture I took of the trail map at the entrance to the park and this turned out to be a little confusing as I had difficulty finding trail-heads and following the trails (that were not marked very well). All in all the trail system was nice and offered a nice view of the lake, water fowl and a chance encounter a herd of mule deer. For March the snow and ice made the trail very muddy in spots, but I expected this so do not see it as a negative. Finally, I will make sure to return and explore more of the Little Horse Mesa Loop verses veering off course and running around the lake.