Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument: Tijeras to Gran Quivira

All Day Trip if you do all 3 locals of the Salinas Pueblo Missions (Quarai, Gran Quivira, Abo). Easy to hike & worth the visit, even with being far apart. Start w/Quarai, the Gran Quivira, then Abo or do in reverse but start early. Allow 8 hrs for trip. Closes by 5 or 6 p.m. (season effects)

79.0 miles Point to Point
scenic driving forest views wildlife
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Lots of ruins, fairly low traffic, nice scenerery

Kenny Dillingham

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The Salinas Pueblo Missions is made up of 3 parts. 1. Quarai, 2. Gran Quivira, 3. Abo -- A great free family trip that can be done in one long day or broken up. Each place has a path that goes around and sometimes through the ruins and that in itself can add up to a nice walk. Quarai alone has a separate trail that is a mile loop known as the Spanish Corral Loop. Nice easy Hike.