San Lorenzo Canyon

Magdalena, NM

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Sandy and gravel for the most part and some rocky areas depending on where you go.

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Allen Thomas (677)

35 Completed6 Reviews

Very nice hike especially if you like slot canyons. It's not the best slot canyon, but it is worth a visit. The most challenging thing is finding the trailhead...otherwise this is a rather flat trek.

Gill B. (583)

As you drive from the black top onto the dirt road (2.5 miles from black top) is well maintained. You will see a sign on your right side onto a sandy dirt road. This is an dry river bottom. stay on main tracks!! there many side tracks that you can get stuck. From the sign the entrance to the canyon is about 3 miles. some areas within the canyon is deep sand. There are number of side canyon off the main canyon to hike into. The first side canyon as you enter the main canyon is on your left is well worth seeing.
Be aware of flash flooding during rainy season in the canyon and the river bottom can become dangerous

Kenny Dillingham (4508)

63 Completed58 Reviews

This is a great place to hike. The main canyon is easily accessed by just about everyone with more challenging side canyons and areas. There is more to this canyon than most realize. Lots of cool cliffs to view. Nice place to camp too but please be responsible.

Josh Unknown (194)

3 Completed4 Reviews

Neat canyon with cool formations. Can hike in and on top of the canyons. Easy rock climbing with good views of the valley.