Spence Hot Springs

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Spence Hot Springs is a 0.5 mile out and back trail located near Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico that features hot springs. The trail is primarily used for hiking.

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Kristin Gentry (149)

13 Completed2 Reviews

Slippery toward the top of the trail, but a great hike! The springs were very nice and warm-hot.

Nikki Durose (454)

30 Completed10 Reviews

I found this trail on here and it was great. The hot springs were rather easy to get to, but it was hard to find a parking spot at the lot was filled. You can also park along the road and walk like 100 feet to the trail head. It was a relatively easy hike, steep in some places and when you get closer to the water it can become slippery. Watch out for the large flat rocks because you can slip on those. The higher pool was warmer at around 88 degrees and the lower one was about 83 degrees. The higher one has more algae and therefore more slippery. There were kids and older people swimming in the springs. Once at the springs, you can get a nice view of the mountains. When we arrived, there were about people there, they left and we were alone for a while until more people came, so it's busy off and on.

Brian Vanderhoof (104)

3 Completed1 Reviews

Super easy hike thanks to the new bridge and newly built parking area at the trailhead. The springs were hot, but not too hot. It was a fun easy diversion for the day.

Ron Rigell (247)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Back in February on the eve on Valentine's Day, me and my lady, Liz few into ABQ from Houston. We got our rent car and drove through the night to one of the most special places on earth, in my opinion. We arrived at the parking area off NM 4...and I immediately was a bit disoriented. It seems they were doing construction on the parking area at this time plus the temperature was dropping below the freezing mark quickly. My sweet lady was new to this kind of stuff and I could see the "surprise and fear" in her eyes. I quickly assured her that I knew the way to the Springs and to just follow me.(yeah right). I then went...fell...down what I remembered to be the trail from 2 years ago. She asked was I alright and after composing myself said.."sure..come on down"..she made it down and we followed the appearing trail around the head of a boulder and on to the creek. There was a nice walk bridge over the rushing creek below, and we crossed quickly. After a few seconds following the trail up....we discovered the trail was showing "ice"...I went up and came sliding down to her...she went a little ways and also came sliding down into my outreaching arms...I finally decided we would parallel the trail in the deep snow and that worked. We reached the jagged rocks surrounding the steaming springs...and carefully balanced ouselves as we removed our clothes. We then slipped into the warm water...with it's lithium content and began to relax...I noticed the water was not as hot as I once remembered., so I entered the small cave where the source of the springs was slowly dripping. The water there was much warmer, so I beckoned to my lady and she waded in....we cuddled there for awhile and... it was a very romantic moment in time for Liz and I. Unfortunately Liz and I are no longer together in the real sense of the word, but we will always be together in spirit....always...RR

Holly Taylor (942)

1 Completed7 Reviews

Great hot springs that are very beautifully made. The water was warm, not hot, at about 90 degrees (the YMCA hottubs are 104) and felt like a warm pool. Easy hike up the hill. New parking area and graded gravel trail.

Michael R Lippike (124)

3 Completed1 Reviews

Cross a babbling brook and climb up to heavenly hot baths and it is free.