Sunspot Scenic Byway: Cloudcroft to Sunspot

#15 of 122 trails in Lincoln National Forest
Sunspot Scenic Byway: Cloudcroft to Sunspot is a 17 mile out and back trail located near Cloudcroft, NM. The trail is primarily used for hiking, scenic driving, and off road driving and is accessible year-round.

17.0 miles Out & Back
hiking off road driving scenic driving
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Kevin Knight

12 Completed1 Reviews

as you are driving along each sign you pass is a planet and they are spaced apart to scale from how far each planet really is from the next. Theres 4 parking spots at different segments of the rim trail and also a few really cool camping spots. And of course the observatory is a nice rreat at the end. There's a great view of the entire basin from there

Kristi Hines

20 Completed2 Reviews

This is a great winding road through the forest. Minimal overlooks but maximum hiking opportunities. Plus the sunspot solar observatory is interesting, not really designed for visitors but still worth it to take a look.