Travertine Falls

#8 of 117 trails in Cibola National Forest

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Short forest hike to waterfall. Great for kids.

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Richard Hickey (101)

1 Completed1 Reviews

A nice easy hike in the mountains. The falls were almost non existent this time of year, but that's what I expected. A light dusting of snow during the trek. Got back to the car about an hour or so before a winter storm started in. Temps dropped from low 30's to low 20's. Wind kicked up something fierce.

Loida Howard (61)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful! A short perfect short hike with a two year old!

Jennifer Kelly (741)

32 Completed17 Reviews

Took my 4 year old son shortly after moving to NM. Easy hike through the forest. Waterfall (about 15 feet high) was running a little lower than I expected but he loved it nonetheless. Make sure to climb to the top to check it out from a different perspective.