Travertine Falls

#12 of 117 trails in Cibola National Forest

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Short forest hike to waterfall. Great for kids.

Beginning of S Crest Trail 130 from Canyon Estates. Easy .5 mile hike to waterfalls. Easy for kids - can also go to the top of the falls to explore and continue hike up from there.

Take exit 175 toward Tijeras via I40. Take the right branch to Tijeras of the off-ramp. Turn left and go under the freeway. Turn right onto Arrowhead Trail. (Canyon Estates) The road forks - take the left branch and it will deadend at the trailhead. You will see the trailhead on your left.Trail will take you to the falls. Can continue on to Sandia Crest.



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Beautiful! A short perfect short hike with a two year old!



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Took my 4 year old son shortly after moving to NM. Easy hike through the forest. Waterfall (about 15 feet high) was running a little lower than I expected but he loved it nonetheless. Make sure to climb to the top to check it out from a different perspective.