Black Mountain Loop

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Black Mountain Loop is a 6.2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Clemons, NY that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and snowshoeing and is accessible from May until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

6.2 miles 1230 feet Loop
dog friendly kid friendly hiking snowshoeing forest views
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Relatively easy hike with only a few challenging spots - rewarded with great views and a fire tower. Follow the trail to a road through the woods. Follow this road half a mile to a trail junction just before a private residence. Follow the small red DEC trail markers as the trail skirts right around the home and heads off into the woods. Make sure to follow the small red markers as snowmobile trails are also in the area. You will see a trail heading off to the left towards Lapland Pond. Ignore this and continue on towards the summit. At 2,646 feet you are at the summit of Black Mountain where you will find a fire observers cabin and a firetower. If you wander around the summit a bit you will find excellent views up through the Narrows of northern Lake George. Continue on and take the trail that leads down off the southern edge of the summit towards Black Mountain Point. This will then intersect with another base trail where you will head west (left) towards Lapland Pond Junction. At the Lapland Ponds junction head north (left), follow the blue markers and this will bring you back to the original trail you came in on and after about 2.2 miles you should reach your car.

Web Web
3 days ago

8 Completed0 Reviews

OMG this hike was awesome! The views were spectacular of the lake and the ponds. Saw tones of wildlife including a beaver dam, garter snake, and a porcupine! Overall win!!

Ashley Berube
5 days ago

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Rob Gdyk
29 days ago

8 Completed0 Reviews

My wife and I decided to hike the summit trail rather than the entire loop since it was our first time at Black Mountain. We experienced all weather conditions-- sun, rain, hail, snow, fog, wind and sunshine again during the few hours of the hike. Conditions were extremely wet, so we were glad we wore our waterproof bogs. The trail in spots was literally like traversing a rocky stream with huge patches of ice still present. The views from the summit highlight the northernmost half of Lake George towards Ticonderoga. Recommend you first sign in at the trailhead, which we overlooked from doing. It both keeps a record that you were there that day and also can assist Park Rangers in the event you need assistance. Looking forward to hiking the trail again to complete the entire loop!

Chris Roberts
1 month ago

29 Completed15 Reviews

This was a nice trail to do. Going up to the summit this time of year, you have to be careful due to the ice. I had my microspikes with me so it wasn't that bad. The view at the top of the summit was very nice. I finished the hike off by doing it as a loop and the other side wasn't as bad as the side heading to the summit. I will do this hike again.

Ryan Carr
1 month ago

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Breathe taking views when you reach the top!

Kelly de la Rocha
3 months ago

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The hike was beautiful but icy, which was expected at this time of year. We were happy to have our micro spikes. We hiked the loop counterclockwise and the descent was more challenging than it would have been in the other direction. Looking forward to seeing the spectacular view at the summit again in the fall!

Eric Syty
3 months ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

If you enjoy or need a breath taking view in your life, this is an amazing hike and will not disappoint. The view reminded me of how wonderful and beautiful this world can be.
The trail was very easy to follow, not only was it well marked, but for us, the many footprints in the snow proved beneficial in numerous ways. However, the wintery elements made the trail very icy at points (be prepared to slip). Thankfully previous hikers had left tree branches to be used as hiking sticks, as the came in handy.
We followed all signs and markers that indicated "black mt summit" which was about 2.5 miles each way (we did not do the loop).

As a result of the icy conditions mainly, I would say this is closer to "modest" than "easy".

Have fun!

Don Stone
6 months ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

Had a great hike here a few weeks ago. Pretty easy for the most part with just a few intermediate climbs. Most people should have no problem though. I saw several families with kids doing the hike and they seemed to be having no issues.
The top view is pretty amazing for such an easy hike. I was able to get some amazing images at the top.
Not much to see on the way up though.

The foliage was really amazing with some bright oranges, reds and violets.

Kyle Cozzens
6 months ago

3 Completed1 Reviews

This was a very easy hike, not at all strenuous. The loop makes it a long hike relative to the elevation of Black Mountain, but it was beautiful all the way through. I hiked the loop counter-clockwise and that would be my recommendation for others. The first leg up to the summit had a lot of jumbled rocks and was steeper than the other direction. Going down this way would have been asking for twisted ankles.

Keep in mind that the trail is now mostly covered in leaves. The trail on the section of the loop near the ponds occasionally seems to disappear. The trail markers are there though. Look up, look around, and be on your way. When you get to Lapland Pond where there is a log bridge you will want to stay left to get back to the parking lot. You are following the yellow markers at this point, not the blue. If you go right and follow the blue markers it will take you to the lean-to.

Three stars due to the fire tower being fenced off and now taking up a good portion of the summit along with a windmill. The view of Lake George is worth at least four stars on its own. The ponds were nice, but nothing spectacular.

andrew mccaffrey
6 months ago

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Did this loop counter clockwise. Moderate. Hiked with 10 year old, he had no issue... mind you it is a real climb. Clockwise this loop might be a bit of a bear for some as the ascent would be steep in that direction.

The hike back after the decent past the ponds was a little long but certainly nice.

Amanda V
6 months ago

53 Completed34 Reviews

Completed this as part of trying to complete all firetowers. The first .7 miles is EASY walking up a gravel access road. When you get to the crossings you can either go to Black Mt Pond (which will bring you to firetower if you choose), or you can head to the summit first. We chose to head to the summit first. This was 1.8 miles of up hill moderate hiking. You cannot climb the firetower but views from the ground are great. Once you walk up to the firetower to the other side you will see the signs for the Black Mt pond loop. If you choose to do this you will eventually come to two ponds. Very peaceful and pretty, but this isn't a hike. Its literally just walking in the woods. VERY EASY. Kinda boring which is why I only rated this 3 stars. The views at the summit I would rate 4 stars. The loop is 7.3 miles. If you choose to just do firetower you will be hiking 5 miles RT.

Kathy Rowney
7 months ago

30 Completed30 Reviews

This was a very easy trail. We got started at 8:00am on Labor Day and we were the first to register. We did the loop counter clockwise and aside from a few steep spots that were not strenuous at all it was easy. The view was fabulous and going down the mountain on the other side gave you a great view of the south end of Lake George that you cant get from the summit. Also a couple of ponds along the way. The trail is quite rocky but I enjoyed it immensely and will definitely be doing it again. The red trail has a few markings, but they arent needed as the trail is obvious. Coming back down the other side the yellow and blue trails are marked very well. We beat the heat and were the only ones on the summit, it was awesome. We met several people coming in as we were leaving and the parking area was full. It took a total of 4 hours with half hour at the summit and breathing stops and a total of 7 miles.

Jason A.
9 months ago

Completed Black Mtn loop with a trip to Black Mtn Point on Lake George. The trail was in good condition except from Black Mtn summit to Black Mtn Point due to blowdown. Amazing views views and a great swimming spot. Well worth the extra milage from the summit.

William Hughes
9 months ago

30 Completed17 Reviews

Black Mountain is the highest peak (2665') in the southeastern section of the Adirondacks, with a great view of Lake George below. The trail head is easy to find and accessible by paved road, and there is plenty of parking. The trail is mostly easy, with some moderate stretches up (and down) a rocky creek bed. There is an old fire tower at the summit that has been repurposed into an emergency services radio transmitter, powered by solar and wind.

Matthew C.
9 months ago

David Snyder
9 months ago

15 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful views from the summit but due to the wet summer the trail up and back is extremely muddy. The wet trail conditions slowed our progress to the peak due to having to pull our feet out of the muck quite often. The loop trail down from the summit toward Black Mountain pond is less wet but with the high water table the areas in and around the three ponds is a swamp. Black flies weren't biting but the swampy ponds are breeding a large crop of mosquitos.

Scott R.
10 months ago

It was hard hike and there was a lot of black flys. When we made it to the top it was worth. When you do this hike make shore you wear long sleeve and long pants and wear a lot of off or you are going to be bite a live by black fly. And on top of this summit there is a cool fire tower that you can go on. There is a fence a round it but you can go under it.

Anne Marie Peteani
10 months ago

4 Completed4 Reviews

Love this hike ! Some steep parts that got the heart rate up but overall, not too difficult. Breathtaking view at the top !

Alison Mesick
1 year ago

57 Completed1 Reviews

Trail to summit: much of the trail actually a stream, so at times wasn't sure I was on the trail cause very few markers. Tried to do loop, got lost twice cause very few markers. View was nice, trail was frustrating - & I am not new to hiking, just new to this trail.

Eric Thacke
1 year ago

5 Completed3 Reviews

Great Hike, did it from the water side. You can get a day use permit on Glen Island and tie up, also has BBQ pits and tables on the Lake George water. Really nice. Hike is pretty steep for the last mile, but awesome views await!