Buttermilk Falls State Park

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Buttermilk Falls State Park is a 6.2 mile multiple route trail located near Ithaca, New York. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

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Don Kasper (140)

3 Completed3 Reviews

A classic NY state park trail. Beautiful, scenic hiking. Moderate difficulty with lots of stairs. Love to hike this and then go to Ithaca Beer Company to relax

Charenda Morehouse (375)

10 Completed10 Reviews

A nice walk with a lot of stairs. Beautiful Falls.

Adriele Andre (451)

11 Completed11 Reviews

Errick Cholewa (297)

12 Completed8 Reviews

My fiance and I went here fall of 2014. Beautiful trail and well maintained. Go early to avoid crowds

Courtney Schirling (144)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Hike here. The falls are gorgeous and the trails are well maintained. Just don't camp. It's right smack dab in the city of Ithaca so at night all you here are the wonderful sounds of highways

Jenny Chubaca (162)

8 Completed3 Reviews

First time to upstate New York and it didn't disappoint. It's amazing how lush the trail is. We hiked up Bear Trail to Treman Lake and down Rim Trail. Easy, beautiful hike.

Lauren Chiozza (57)

6 Completed1 Reviews

I was on a girls' trip to NYC then to Syracuse. After being in NYC for a few days we needed some fresh air! I love being outside but we had one or two girls who were not the outdoor pros but even they really enjoyed this hike. We started first on the Rim trail down to the falls then went back up the Gorge Trail. The Gorge trail has a better view of the falls but both trails together make a loop. The falls were very pretty and seemed to go on and on! Very pretty moderate hike, but with some stairs on the Gorge trail.

Kasey March (204)

6 Completed1 Reviews

We walked from the base of the falls up the Gorge Trail and then back along the Rim Trail. The falls are beautiful, even though the water level was very low. You can swim at the base of the falls where there is a life guard and picnic area which we did. The water was COLD as you'd expect but we had a great time.

Ryan McKenna (88)

8 Completed1 Reviews

good times

Donnie Moore (56)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Loved this park. While Gorge trail had the most to offer in terms of versatility and views, Treman Lake had some amazing spots as well. Make sure the swimming portion is open if going on a hot day. The rest of the reviews hit it on the head except for Brickman's, which completely misses the mark. Overall, this was a great day spot with sufficient off trail accessibility to keep even experienced hikers engaged. Would visit again for sure.