Hadley Mountain

#1 of 10 trails in Adirondack State Park

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Hadley Mountain has an open summit with good views to the east, south (including the Great Sacandaga Lake), and west, but it also has a restored fire tower which allows great views in all directions. The trail is never very steep and is in generally good condition.

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Stephen Cardello (62)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I would rate this as a medium-hard hike. A lot of steel parts and can be very slippery after a rain fall (learned the hard way). Well worth the view though and not a long hike to the top.

Lily Yu (40)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I had a great time here. The trail is well marked and has a little challenge to it at times. If you're active I did one way up in about fifty minutes. It's a nice hike to do

Caitlin Prinzo (88)

7 Completed3 Reviews

Used this trail to kick the season off! Broke a nice sweat, but wasn't crazy hard. Great for beginners and newbies!

Jordan Vogl (130)

6 Completed6 Reviews

Easy to find, moderate hike. Beautiful view of sacandaga lake at the summit. Fire tower at the peak.

Richard Conlee (58)

7 Completed2 Reviews

The Hadley Fire Tower trail was a great hike. Some things worth noting: 1.) The trail is quite rocky. If you are not used to hiking in the ADK's - this might come as a bit of a surprise. Make sure you are wearing boots with good ankle support. 2.) There were a lot of people hiking up and down the mountain around 1000hrs local time. Make sure you get an early start if you want to beat the crowds 3.) Going down was challenging, take it easy as there were a lot of ankle twisters 4.) If you are looking to get into the cab of the fire tower - you can't - the cab was padlocked shut when we went up there this morning. You can climb the stairs of the tower. Make sure you are careful on a windy day as the tower does have some sway.

Deb Osterhoudt (8732)

92 Completed87 Reviews

This was a perfect early December hike. We did this with two of the kids (teens) and our golden and thoroughly enjoyed sliding around the ice covered trail. We had a combo of micros spikes and yak-traks between the four of us and even this early in the season there was greater than 3 inches of ice on many spots of the exposed rock trail. No problem with the spikes, but the yak-traks were not quite enough. Although the kids had fun trying to scramble up them (and helped the dog too) they eventually used the light path that had developed just off trail in the snow. The views at the top were great. We climbed as far as we could on the firetower (the top observation deck is closed off) which added to the view. Great trail for kids (when there is no ice) as it is wide open, moderate grade with many large boulders just off trail to enjoy a break and a relatively short hike (~1.2 miles to summit) for the view.

Mariann Campbell (119)

3 Completed3 Reviews

Amazing trail!

Martin B. (174)

Great trail, well maintained. The views are amazing! The fire tower is open all the way to the top for the summer hikers. This trail has lots of traffic as it is a moderate trail in an area where there are many tourist. So if you are planning a quiet hike, this may not be the trail unless it is early, or late in the season.

Nicki Messina (1395)

24 Completed19 Reviews

I found this to be a challenging hike, the terrain kept changing. It felt very long but felt well worth it, especially when you hit the summit, where there is a firetower. However the firetower is closed off at the fifth landing, just as good of views from the actual summit. Views are breathtaking.

Theron Webber (78)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Hadley was fun, pretty steep though, the worst part was coming down because a lot of it is just slabs of smooth rock that's been wetted down by the creek. It was a little bit slippery but all in all a fun hike. I would recommend this one to those who like walking up steep inclines for long durations hahaha