Keuka Lake Outlet Trail

Penn Yan, NY
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Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is a 7.5 mile point-to-point trail located near Penn Yan, New York and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.



3 Completed 2 Reviews

Awesome trail right near town along a river. Great for jogging and hiking or snow shoeing. Lots of entrances along Outlet road. Near the Milo mills rd entrance there's a rope swing and some rocks and it's nice to swim in summer. Buggy in summer. Pretty flat and wide trail.



2 Completed 1 Reviews

beautiful trail, lot of old mills and small falls to see, and a variety of wildlife



12 Completed 2 Reviews

Beautiful trail. Uphill on the way out--took 50 min. Downhill way back took-33 minutes. Beautiful waterfall & scenery. Great moderate ride.



69 Completed 45 Reviews

Great trail for all.



1 Completed 1 Reviews

If you are looking for a good easy hike this is a great trail. It connects Dresden at Seneca Lake to the town of Penn Yan at Keuka Lake. Runs along an old railroad bed with a canal on one side and a stream on the other. Old factories and remnants a time long ago give you a lot to look at and wonder about. The terrain is rather flat, and shared with bikers and families with dogs. Great coverage in and out of the sun. Near the Penn Yan entrance the trail is paved.

We hiked from the Lake Seneca side to Penn Yan which was perfect. When we entered Penn Yan there a few places offering lunch so we could relax and then return. At the Lake Seneca entrance there is an ice cream stand to enjoy.