Mount Beacon

#1 of 2 trails in Beacon Memorial Park
Mount Beacon is a 5.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Beacon, NY that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking and is accessible from August until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

5.5 miles 1558 feet Loop
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Kateri Jochum
13 minutes ago

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I agree with other reviewers: I'm not a beginner hiker, but the first ascent was steep. I'd say this is a "moderate" hike compared to others near Garrison or Cold Spring, apart from Breakneck. I did the red to yellow to white. It was a beautiful day and the initial part of the trail to the ruins was pretty busy, but after I passed the turnoff for the Fire Tower, I was practically alone! Great for solitude! I skipped the blue hike up Lambs Hill, took a short cut from the blue to the white on one of the old forest roads, and did the whole 7 miles (according to my phone) in 3 hours flat. Great hike, well worth it. Also there is a little store right across from the entrance! Practical!

Laura Pulice
6 hours ago

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I am not an avid hiker but since this app said the trail was easy to moderate I decided to give it a try. Could not make it to the top. I think the difficulty ratings should be more realistic for people that don't get to hike all the time. This was very steep all the way up which is why I didn't make it all the way. And for some reason, maybe the weather, the bugs were out in full force sticking to your skin and buzzing by your ears. Walking stick recommended! I will try again after more hikes in other places and will again give feedback.

Caryl Caryl Fisher
1 day ago

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Loved it! Red trail was a little rough, but worth it and the cable car remains were cool to check out

Jessica Scherer
8 days ago

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great hike, well marked. loved the ruins at the top, the view is great too. got lost on the way down, didn't pay attention to the makers. found my way out eventually

Lissette V.
11 days ago

Steep, rugged...not for beginners. Followed the red trail up...great views. The top used to be a site for a casino years ago, you can see the tracks and cables from the cable cars.

Ryan Maurizzio
12 days ago

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trail was pretty rugged and pretty steep. once you reach the first peak, continue onto the fire tower. well worth the hike. beautiful 360 degree views from atop the fire tower and off of the tower. on a clear day you can see the new York city skyline in the far distance! wear a good pair of shoes! Loved this hike!

Michael Hipp
13 days ago

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Did the red trail, it was steeper than expected but it was all in all a great hike.

Emma Johnston
26 days ago

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Sophie Schildhause
1 month ago

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Camala Letrick
1 month ago

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Jannen Hermann
1 month ago

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I really enjoyed how secluded and peaceful this trail was. After hiking Bear Mountain last weekend, I was craving a more authentic nature experience & Beacon Mountain delivered. Initially, we attempted to take the yellow trail to the red trail, but the trails were not very clearly marked & due to our late arrival, we worried that we would get stuck in the dark. We resorted to the red trail; a windy path of moderate difficulty that included steel stairs, some icy rocks, and revealed a dilapidating ski lodge from the 70's at the summit. Once at the summit, there were a plethora of little paths to explore and sunny spots perfect for picnicking. I'm planning to hike this route again, but I would like to take the yellow trail all the way to the fire tower! Will report back. Great trail for trail running tool!

Chase Brooklyn
1 month ago

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I rate this trail as moderate to challenging because there are so many different routes you can take, i.e. steep shortcuts, extensions, service road, etc... So you can make it want you want.

Depending upon how you hike, sneakers or hiking boots are appropriate. I was glad I wore sneakers.

Mount Beacon is full of surprises, shortcuts, alternate routes, beautiful reservoir, history and ruins from its days as a ski resort.

I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did, and I didn't even get to complete the whole trail due to my late arrival. I'll go back soon and do the complete the full 6 miles and review it as well.

After reading several other reviews, I now see the confusion so many people have expressed about the length of the trail. Some claim it's 6 miles, others state its only 3 miles...

The thing is, there are two main trails, Red and Yellow. The Loop trail, Yellow to Red, is probably close to 6 miles long.

However, if you just want short intense hike, take just the Red Trail (Point-to-Point) there and back, and you can do it in about two hours depending on your speed. This is what I did.

Mike Willis
3 months ago

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Great steep trail. Good for running. Good afternoon or morning hike. Only takes a couple hours.

Al Rod
3 months ago

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Hannah M.
3 months ago

Reagan LeGrand
4 months ago

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Starts with 200 metal stairs then at the top the trail starts. The first whole section is a very steep uphill climb for 1500 ft. Great views of the Hudson,Catskills,Newburgh,Beacon, and NYC. You can continue to the next summit. It's mostly flat until you get to the near end which is pretty rocky but pays off with amazing 360 degree views at the 2nd and final summit! I've done this hike 8 times it is great! Challenging but pays off you should visit Mt Beacon!

Anthony Casanova
4 months ago

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We started at 11:15am today, we went up 157 steps up this steel stair case and started a pretty steep ascent that took us two hours to the Fire Tower. It was a very demanding and challenging hike with many steep ascents, the views were all breath taking and very panoramic. The day held up with cloudy skies, that made for a very cool and brisk day. Once we saw the ruins of once a motorized trolley of once past, it was discovered that this sight was a turn of the 21 century ski area before the famous resorts we know today, it had a restaurant and I am sure many of attractions but, it fell on bad economic times and closed in the 70's. We had a great hike and the descent was very hard on our knees. So I recommend that you be in good physical shape to conquer this Summit. the Fire Tower was breath take of the unbelievable view it offered of the Hudson Valley. I high recommend it, to whom ever wishes a great work out.

Peter Figueredo
4 months ago

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Juan Molina
4 months ago

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Very good workout on Black Friday with my son and daughter.

Angela M Corchado
5 months ago

7 Completed4 Reviews

I did Mount Beacon with my ex-husband, it was my first hiking project for myself, So I led the way. This was a very easy hike, trail blazes where visible. The inclined hike itself made it a challenge, I personally don't recommend it to someone that has bad knees, unless depending on knee support and trekking poles. We made it to the hotel ruins which were awesome, great old pieces of the machinery left which made great pics, views of the town from below were great, finished off at the fire tower for lunch. Very cold day but it was sunny and a great workout!