Mount Tremper Trail

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Mount Tremper Trail is a 5.7 mile out and back trail located near Phoenicia, NY and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from March until November.

5.7 miles 2073 feet Out & Back
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Stephanie Christiansen
1 month ago

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Easily accessible with a good parking area. I started at 8:30am and was the only one on the trail aside from the wolf that crossed the path in front of me. Passed 5 groups of hikers on my way down the hill around 10am.

Steep ascent in the beginning with loose shale. Regretted not bringing my boots, I could have used the ankle support. The fire-tower platform was locked, but there was a decent view from the stairs underneath. Great, quiet hike in the woods.

John Tuey
2 months ago

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Zimu Zhou
2 months ago

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Kelly de la Rocha
2 months ago

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The trail was challenging. There is a steep ascent not far from the parking lot. Ice was minimal. We did not need micro spikes. The trail has a lot of loose shale on it that makes it not all that fun to walk on. You need to keep your eyes on the ground a lot. I was glad I had poles and boots with ankle support. The trail levels out in places, which gives a nice respite from the steep climb. The view from the tower is very nice but there's not much of a view from the summit otherwise. The top of the tower is locked but you can get a good view from the stairs beneath it.

Chris Roberts
8 months ago

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This is a rocky trail in places with a good rock scramble in some areas. The trail is covered so there isn't any good views along the way up to the fire tower. On the way up I noticed that the spring was dry and there were campers in the lean to. The trail gave me a good workout along the way but I enjoyed it. There are no views once you reach the fire tower, unless you climb the fire tower and the view from there was well worth the hike.

Josh VH
1 year ago

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Expecting bears and rattlesnakes after reading many people talk about them, me and my friends came extra prepared. However, not even a sight or sound of either (not that I'm complaining)! This was a little more strenuous for my novice hiker friends, but nonetheless, they managed and were very pleased with their reward at the top! So glad the rain moved out quickly and it was all sun for endless miles!

Sibora Reed
1 year ago

57 Completed38 Reviews

Upwards hike during the whole thing with a very rocky ascend. It can be really slippery during certain parts where there is water running through the trail so be careful. Also there are lots of black bears in the area,we saw two of them on the way there and back (the second one was a bit territorial,prob a little scared). It was all worth it since it is surrounded by beautiful nature and creatures. Besides the bears there were snakes and even a cute porcupine. There are two resting cabins (shelters) along the way if you want to spend the night and there is plenty of clean water running from the nearby stream. The tower isn't much but it's quite pleasant after the upwards vigorous hike.

Lindsay Russell
1 year ago

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Perfect weather for this hike, 83 degrees.Took me about an hour and a half to reach the top and get back down. I did however stop to take pictures here and there. Inclines are difficult at times with the scramble but well worth it. Inclines even out at times, giving your legs a slight break until the next hill. Trail is enclosed so you have to go up the fire tower for views. Views are out of this world fantastic!! Views of the Shokan Res, fire tower on Overlook Mtn. In Woodstock, Hunker mountain, as well as Mohonk. The volunteer, Adam was very personable. Great to chat with and was aware of the surroundings and history. He did mention seeing a bear when he was taking care of buisness. I believe he said it was about 40feet away from him. So as with any hike, keep your eyes and ears open! I recommend good hiking boots with ankle support. Also, don't litter. Like the sign says-if you carry it in, you can carry it out.

Matthew McDonald
2 years ago

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Wonderful mountain to climb with a surprise at the top....... A fire tower for a better view.

Matthew Baxter
2 years ago

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Easy to find and easy trail way to the top. The hike was a little moderate though I went in the winter. Keep going till you hit the tower the views are entirely worth it so beautiful. Took my black lab with me she had a blast. Didn't see any other hikers. Definitely tiring if your not in shape but the reward is a cold spring to drink from and the views. Was pretty pissed the fire tower was locked when I got to the top being the windchill was zero or below at least. Altogether a good time and beautiful view.

Greg Stephen
2 years ago

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Went on a hot & humid day so only made it as far as Baldwin lean too. Strenuous hike but kind of boring. All the streams were dry & it's pretty much a well maintained rocky road up. Other hikes have far more varied ecology zones, terrain & water features as you go. Maybe it's worth it at the top for the tower but we'll go back to more interesting hikes next time.

Steven Hammond
3 years ago

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95 F plus temps and very high humidy levels didn't help on this hike. Had my 1 yr old on a pack on my back to boot. She slept the entire way up and down...lucky kid.
I thought this was a pretty tuff hike considering the conditions. All I kept thinking about was the cold Sam Adams in the stream back at our campsite...needless to say the beers were AWESOME!
Only giving this a 3 because it was hard to enjoy. Had it been the fall or spring....heck even if it was 85F I'd have rated it higher.
We did spot a lot of birds and we picked some stinging nettle for nettle tea. Note boil the nettles...just a helpful hint.

Wendy Perruna
5 years ago

51 Completed13 Reviews

Nice trails with good views at the top!