Tinkers Falls

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Tinkers Falls is a 0.5 mile out and back handicap accessible trail located near Tully, New York that features a waterfall.

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Deborah Pollack (125)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Fun trail to go back behind waterfall. You should definitely hike the extra mile to the hang-glider spot once you get to the top of the falls. It's not well marked to know how to get to that trail though, so here is what you do. At the top of the falls stay to the LEFT of the stream. Look for light blue blazes (if you cross the stream and go up the stairs to the right there are also blue blazes but that is the other part of the North Country trail). Follow the light blue blazes up the hill to the left of the Falls for about a mile and you will get to a gorgeous spot to overlook the valley.

Jorge Hernandez (778)

9 Completed9 Reviews

Last minute decided to see this fall, it was around 6pm and overcast. Light walk towards the fall, in order to go see the fall just have to cross a creek then up a steep bank to the top and walk behind the falls. I think because of the light rain it provided a strong current and flow, so I was very lucky. I try to go on the trail to see the pond on the end of it but the rain made it difficult since I didn’t have rain gear.

Emily Wingenbach (39)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Michael Harriff (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Timing is important. There's obviously more water going over the falls after a thaw or during a rainy period. A very easy hike, with a nice view below, behind and above the falls if you walk the stone steps across the creek bed. On the blue blazed trail is a moderate elevation that leads to a hang glider launch overlooking the pond, the nature boardwalk and various farms in the valley below. The view is well worth the extra time.

SallyAnn Bruce (3076)

28 Completed25 Reviews

We took our hike back in 2011 in June. The waterfall was beautiful. We continued on up the trail past the waterfall and had a great hike. Came out on the road and walked back to our vehicle.

Steve Friedman (490)

5 Completed4 Reviews

Not really a hike as its only .5 mile to waterfalls that were pretty much dried up, I guess If they were better it would have been worth the drive.

Chelsea Seeber (48)

10 Completed1 Reviews

The dog and I loved this trail. It was rough going back down in the snow and mud, but the trail was very clearly marked. Nice and steady with very few steep areas made for a relaxing hike up, and the falls were really neat, as well. I hiked the back way from Herlihy Rd., which made it a few miles there and back. Definitely will be making a return trip in summer.

Big Dream Walker (4766)

32 Completed22 Reviews

Great hike from Tinker Falls to hang glider take off area and back. Fresh snowfall made going to Spruce pond too difficult. Return trip I took the blue blazed Onondaga trail to top of falls - this is why I love hiking. Great trip.

Victoria Dunbar (259)

7 Completed5 Reviews

Very short easy walk to the waterfall. Had fun climbing it!

Jennifer B. (353)

Very Easy short walk to the waterfall. Trail is level and well maintained.