Tinkers Falls

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Tinkers Falls is a 5.1 mile out and back trail located near Tully, NY that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and snowshoeing and is accessible year-round.

5.1 miles 1391 feet Out & Back
hiking snowshoeing waterfall
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Outdoor Adventure Club

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Loved the waterfall! Crazy steps, very slippery!

Jenny Tomatillo

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Bobbie Sweeting

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Karen D.

Maria Paratore

41 Completed1 Reviews

Ok I love this area but please be careful not to get lost when hiking through here. If you are adventurous and go to the right trail you will end up at spruce pond. Everything is marked in blue so the trails have no markings as to their mileage or the fact that they don't come together and bring u back to the falls. Long story short I found this out the hard way. Been hiking for years and never got so lost and in the dark.. So stay to the left trail unless you are starting very early in the morning in very good weather conditions

James Long

7 Completed5 Reviews

Others have said this, so I'm repeating. Timing is important. We went to the falls during a dry spell and there was really no waterfall to speak of, just a drickle. But one could imagine that the spring thaw is pretty awesome.

The steps are steep and would be tough for little kids to manage. I took my 5 year old up, but the 3 year old stayed with mom at the bottom. Lots of people walk their dogs around there. Some dogs are friendlier than others.

It's not really a hike so much as a destination not far from the road, although it's connected to a lot of trails, there if you want a good hike, there is plenty of trail available.

I plan to go again after some good rainfall.

Deborah Pollack

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Fun trail to go back behind waterfall. You should definitely hike the extra mile to the hang-glider spot once you get to the top of the falls. It's not well marked to know how to get to that trail though, so here is what you do. At the top of the falls stay to the LEFT of the stream. Look for light blue blazes (if you cross the stream and go up the stairs to the right there are also blue blazes but that is the other part of the North Country trail). Follow the light blue blazes up the hill to the left of the Falls for about a mile and you will get to a gorgeous spot to overlook the valley.

Jorge Hernandez

9 Completed9 Reviews

Last minute decided to see this fall, it was around 6pm and overcast. Light walk towards the fall, in order to go see the fall just have to cross a creek then up a steep bank to the top and walk behind the falls. I think because of the light rain it provided a strong current and flow, so I was very lucky. I try to go on the trail to see the pond on the end of it but the rain made it difficult since I didn’t have rain gear.

Emily Wingenbach

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Michael Harriff

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Timing is important. There's obviously more water going over the falls after a thaw or during a rainy period. A very easy hike, with a nice view below, behind and above the falls if you walk the stone steps across the creek bed. On the blue blazed trail is a moderate elevation that leads to a hang glider launch overlooking the pond, the nature boardwalk and various farms in the valley below. The view is well worth the extra time.