Mt Cammerer via Chestnut Branch Trail

#59 of 184 trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Panoramic views of TN/NC from this historic lookout

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Verlicia Perez (541)

41 Completed13 Reviews

Mark Booher (326)

9 Completed10 Reviews

Excellent views and a unique 'west-coast' style fire tower. This is a very intense hike so be prepared!

Chadwick Conner (400)

12 Completed6 Reviews

This is a great hike with one of the best views has 360 degree panoramic view can see Mt Sterling fire tower, I40, and NC. Their is plenty of water at the base of trail but ounce past the first mile their is no water plan accordingly, Trail is steep and rocky in parts. The last .6 of the AT is very easy.

Travis --------- (148)

3 Completed3 Reviews

The only part of this trail I did was the portion from Lower Mt Cammerer junction up the AT to Mt Cammerer. This portion of the trail is steep and rocky. Lots of breaks were needed. I've done this in sun, snow and cool fog, every time it's just as rough. At one point there is a large rock that you can climb to see a great view!