Nuwati Trail

#1 of 2 trails in Grandfather Mountain State Park

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Nuwati or "medicine" in the Cherokee language follows an old logging road. It's easy and rocky, ending at Storyteller's Rock and a great view of the Boone area. Trail has stream crossings, big-tooth aspens and offers campsites.

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David R. (117)

I'm not sure why people say this is an easy hike up a logging road. This is a rocky trail through Rhododendrons that is beautiful! No logs every came down this trail and should be rated moderate, at least. Very enjoyable and wish we were here just a few weeks later to see all the blooms.

Navigator B (2465)

79 Completed79 Reviews

Finally did this one after being near it for 15 years. I hiked it to just explore the area and discover Storyteller's Rock. It is very normal to Cragway, which is a nice logging road. Beyond Cragway, the trail becomes steeper and more adventurous. Four campsites are also situated along that valley, which can often accommodate up to three tents, and have rigging set up for bear bags. Storyteller's Rock is a great outcrop of the Boone Bowl, and a nice scramble after a hike. This is a great backcountry trail to start beginners off in Grandfather Mountain.

Sidney Hall (300)

13 Completed14 Reviews

Bill Watson (53534)

634 Completed198 Reviews

Easy but rocky trail up an old logging road to a nice view and campsites. Also access to the Cragway trail that connects to the Scout trail that takes you to top of Calloway Peak. We had a beautiful and cool day starting out and the going is easy but you have to watch your foot placement with all the rocks and roots. Nice view of the valley from the end of the trail.