Headwaters Park - Geauga County

Huntsburg, OH
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Walk or bike from South to North on either the Maple Highlands Bike trail or the Buckeye Trail along East Branch reservoir and make a loop by returning on the other one!

Wooded west bank of the East Branch Reservoir - horses often using the trail. Camping featuring a cozy lean-too or very nice prepared tent sights. Fishing is good, wildlife best seen from a boat... The Maple Highlands Bike trail extends for 8 miles to the City of Chardon to the north.

Located off Route 608 between Route 322 to the north and the reservoir dam to the south - main entrance at the south end, secondary entrance at the north end.

Parking at either the North or South end. Boat launch at the South end. Bike trail accessible from either end, main entrance for bikes is to the south. Picnic shelter, plus tables elsewhere, fishing docks, camp sites can be registered for on line - see http://www.geaugaparkdistrict.org/documents/gpd-campingbrochure.pdf for details.


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