Narrows Trail to Boulder Mountain (Eagle Mountain) - Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

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This trail takes hikers to the top of Eagle Mountain (nickname Boulder Mountain)

This hike begins on the narrows trail and then cuts off on a rock scramble to the top of Eagle Mountain. The overall gain is not very much but large rocks that must be navigated up or around are not for the faint of heart.

After taking a left off of 49 within the Wichita Mountains Wildlife refuge drive to the parking lot on the left past Lost Lake.

There are a number of parking lots near the trail head.



9 Completed 2 Reviews

Gorgeous scenery! Wouldn't recommend for someone that's not used to hiking and climbing, some areas are difficult. Don't go alone and keep your eyes open for rattlesnakes. There's a high population in the area and I've personally come within inches of being bit by one. Not a whole lot of foot traffic so is a nice quiet escape. Still one of my favorite trails!



2 Completed 2 Reviews

This was difficult I would not recommend this if you are not a physically fit person. We highly enjoyed it because it was challenging to us, but we only did it after being prepared for the journey. We were exploring, hiking, and rock climbing for around 8 hours. Awesome!



15 Completed 1 Reviews

some of the most beautiful scenery in the word is on this trail. i am a very experienced hiker and this one is one of my favorites. definitely very difficult for anyone just starting to get into hiking



0 Completed 1 Reviews

Great views. Wonderful park roaming livestock. Well marked trails many more trails to chose from. If your planning a trip bring a fishing pole and your holding boots. I will defiantly be going back.



1 Completed 1 Reviews

Be cautious as the "trail" can drop you down on some ledges and you can get yourself stuck on the edge of a cliff. Lots of fun tho and watch out for rattle snakes


Eric Liddick


10 Completed 6 Reviews

Pretty fun climb. No real trail. It's about finding your way to the top in a way that suits your fitness. Great views and fun times. Starting to see snakes, so be careful. We saw a broadbanded copperhead on our way back to the car.



48 Completed 53 Reviews

Me and my son Tayler hiked this for his 10th birthday and it turned into an incredible adventure. We started our hike early in the afternoon on a nice April day. We started at the Narrows Trail trail head but immediatly headed off-road towards eagle mountain in the distance. After passing through some trees we reached the bottom and began our ascent. This is more of a light climb than a hike and takes planning to navigate around the many very large rocks and boulders. it is INCREDIBLY fun to climb. I've heard that the nickname for this mountain is boulder mountain due to its unique characteristics. It was a challenge for my son at age ten but he stuck with it and we made it to the top. Great pictures, great time and incredible memories. This is not a well-known trail and so there seems to be little foot-traffic which is a plus in my book.