Rough Horsetail Nature Trail

#1 of 4 trails in Red Rock Canyon State Park

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Rough Horsetail nature trail is a .6 mile loop that follows a small creek to a wet weather waterfall at a rock bluff and then wanders through the little canyon back to the trail head.

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Doug Neidholdt (99159)

504 Completed539 Reviews

A nice unique trail with varied scenery. Definitely a must when at the park.

Jesse Puckett (1122)

29 Completed36 Reviews

A fun hiking trail for intermediate level. Make sure you bring plenty of water in the summer. It gets warm down in the canyon. The trail is easy to find as it winds the canyon rim, but finding a way down is another thing. There are multiple places to descend safely...but they are easily mistaken for other more dangerous routes.

Overall an easy trail even for kids or less experienced hikers. And it's close to OKC (45 minutes). A good hike when it's cold and windy because the canyon walls keep the wind at bay.

Matt Tower (111)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Nice trails. Not too hard at all. For the civilized the bathrooms are near. I walked the Horsetrail and California. Both are very easy and it would be a real challenge to get lost. Lots of wildlife and plants. If the dogs stay on the trail there are no issues but if they stray the stickers and cactus await.
I wasn't looking for a huge challenge I just wanted to enjoy and it's close.

Zara Huntley (267)

10 Completed4 Reviews

Nice little trail. I went early in the morning about a week after an ice storm in December. There was hardly anyone on the park. Nicely marked trail with little rickety bridges over the stream. There's a spot near the plunge pool where you can go up on top of the canyon and its all beautiful red sandstones, this was my favorite part.

Barry Pawelek (46)

1 Completed1 Reviews

The park entrance is quite steep, but the rest of the park is a lot of fun.This (Red Rock Park). Has good camp sites and would commend this location for beginners with children. They have a small fishing hole and a great rock climb. A rebuilt swimming pool also.

Min Worley (436)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Completed this trail November 2013.
The actual Rough Horsetail trail is only .5 miles. A little further down from the Rough Horsetail trailhead, there is another trailhead that has several tracks (blue, orange, pink, yellow). We completed both trails. All of the tracks are very well marked, and you can really criss cross through the different tracks and make your hike as long or short as you want. However, the trails are not varied, nor is there very much up and down.

Also, you might want to leave your fury friend at home as there are lots of hitchhiking thorns in the color tracks that will stick to the bottom of their paws making the hike virtually impossible. We did not come across any thorns during the Rough Horsetail track, just the colored tracks.

Joe Zultewicz (147)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Enjoyed the trail for the most part. Got there early in the morning to beat the heat. Take insect repellent ; part of the trail the Horse flies are pretty thick and aggressive.. Great place to camp over note .

Jack O (104)

0 Completed1 Reviews

This is a very basic. I've gone here since I can remember. You well enter and drive down a step winding slope be careful. Park a far down as you can because you will most likely come it there.

Jesse Puckett (1122)

29 Completed36 Reviews

Nice trail for beginners and intermediate. Not strenuous but it's tough to climb up or down in areas. Really close to OKC too. 45 minutes. Good areas for kids to learn to climb.

Chris Williams (720)

11 Completed4 Reviews

Had a blast on this trail it has grown so much from when i visited it as a kid. It now has many different loops to choose from when hiking which is awesome because you are able to build your own hike up differently each time. The views are still incredible for Oklahoma, you sometimes forget that you are still in the state. Very well maintained trails as well.