McIntyre Ridge Trail

Sandy, OR

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McIntyre Ridge Trail is a 4.50 mile out and back trail located near Sandy, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from March until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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Eli S. (122)

We had to stop to ask for directions because we couldn't find the entrance (take Wildcat Creek Rd.) but once we got there the gate was closed. Turns out it's been closed for sometime now. We hiked up the road which was about 3.5 miles and is on an incline but fairly easy to walk. Once you reach the end of the road, there is no indication of the trail (it was off to the left a little). We eventually figured it out and left a pink marker for future hikers to find. The actual hike is a beautiful one that takes you through the woods, it continues to be at a slight incline, some more difficult then others but doable. We ended our hike near the dead tree, which has a nice bench to sit in while you relax and enjoy the amazing view of Mt. Hood. Overall, a moderately easy to medium intensity hike, it took us 6 hours to complete with a couple short stops and turned out to be a 15 mile hike round trip.

Jeromy Ashdown (678)

15 Completed1 Reviews

Couldn't reach the trail head. Tried accessing from Fernwood Cir but the only road leading up the mountain was a no entry. Wildcat creek rd has a locked gate. Only rated as a 1star because we haven't completed, yet.

Mike Orth (1137)

21 Completed1 Reviews

Roughly 7 miles out and back from the McIntyre Ridge TH to Wildcat Mountain view point. This is steep in areas the first approximately 1.25 miles up the trail head. Depending on a hikers condition, I would say this is a moderately easy to moderate hike. Beautiful scenery, and I'm sure even better if there wasn't such a low cloud cover. Definitely doing this hike again.