Mount Defiance Trail

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Mount Defiance Trail is a 11.1 mile out and back trail located near Cascade Locks, OR that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from May until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

11.1 miles 4783 feet Out & Back
dogs on leash hiking forest old growth views waterfall wild flowers
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To find the trailhead you must follow I-84 to exit 55 the Starvation Creek State Park rest area. If you are coming westbound there is no exit and you have to go past to the Cascade locks exit and backtrack. Once at the parking lot the trail begins by taking you along the shoulder of I-84 (behind a fence) for almost a mile before the uphill begins.

Gene Hancock

32 Completed2 Reviews

It about killed my hiking friend John but later he found out he had a clogged artery so now he is good and had gone on to do Saint Helens.
I myself enjoyed the adversity and will do it again for I do Hood.

Del Davis

9 Completed2 Reviews

Tough hike for this old dude, but i have to say i got a tremendous amount of satisfaction conquering this beast. Allocate more time than you anticipate. The trek down is as bad (if not worse) than the 5k climb.

Sang Shin

10 Completed11 Reviews

Leah Adint

8 Completed8 Reviews

The first part of the hike you are walking along the freeway. Then the switchbacks start up the mountain, but up the face that is closest to the freeway. Guess what you hear for the next hour? Cars and trucks. The trail gets much better once up the first ridge, and it is a good challenging incline. The top is nothing really spectacular the views of the other mountains are the best part, so don't go on anything but a bluebird day. The lake at the top is small, shallow, and green with algae. I don't like walking under power lines or along freeways, so I wouldn't recommend this hike. There are better in the area.

Mary Johnson

1 Completed1 Reviews

We are preparing to hike Half Dome in this hike was GREAT training for that. It is a very strenuous hike, be sure and take about 3 liters of water on a warm day. Also, packing hiking sticks would be a good idea. I picked up a tree limb and used for a hiking stick for the trek down as it can be a bit treacherous. Harder coming down it all, than going up it. Also, plan to take a decent amount of food with you for energy. Definitely great views from the top, this took us 10 hours. Longer than most people who have done the trail, but, we had several rest periods. The view on the cliff at about 5 miles in up awesome, as you can see several of the mountains from there on a clear day. We had a GPS with us tracking our hike and to the top it actually said it was more than 6 miles. So, be prepared for a lot of websites on this trail say 4-5 miles up....awesome trek, but pretty tough...not sure I will do this one again unless I am training for something.

Dorane Brower

4 Completed1 Reviews

Obviously I am out of shape. This hike kicked my butt - that's good, right? Next time I'll be in better shape.

sue c

25 Completed3 Reviews

This was one of the most difficult hikes in the Gorge. I highly recommend that you either go up and back down Mt. Defiance only. If you are going to do Starvation Ridge, it's best to go up and not down. It is very steep, loose gravel and narrow.
It's a grueling hike no matter, but it is definately a great training ground for Mt. St. Helens.

Ted S

50 Completed31 Reviews

Updating for 2015: This a great though evil conditioning trail / prove you can do it hike if you're training up. The views at the top are cool as well but if that's all you want, you can absolutely find better options closer to Hood and the Gorge. Several routes up, the Defiance trail is the fastest way, mostly covered in trees though you do get three waterfalls at the start. The Starvation Ridge will push you even harder and adds a few more miles but gets the steep stuff out of the way with a great mid-stop at the lake (camping option). If you want the loop, I would definitely do Starvation up, it's brutal coming down. The last half mile or so also has two options: easier and harder though there's nothing that "hard" about harder (relative to the trail below) and it's much shorter while easier has more views (and also boulder fields to navigate). Either way, prepare to be stoked to make it up, bummed to see the buildings at the top and have a nice, most-of-the-day adventure regardless. And oh, the parking lot is small, so show up early people.

Dan Algeo

146 Completed84 Reviews

awesome hike, but is very challenging.
this is not for beginners. I usually only have 1 trekking pole with me, I should have had 2. mostly for the decent down.

Ian Lass

16 Completed8 Reviews

Oof. I did this hike 4 years ago and still remember the soreness afterward. It was worth it though, the trail is beautiful and when you do get a clearing in the trees, the views are amazing.