Rainie Falls Trail

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Rainie Falls Trail is a 3.6 mile out and back trail located near Grants Pass, Oregon that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for fishing, fly fishing, hiking & trail running and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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R P (59)

17 Completed1 Reviews

Dan Wenzlowski (719)

8 Completed1 Reviews

Very fun hike (but not for the kids or elderly). You need to watch your footing for most of this hike or you will trip on rocks or go over the edge. With all that aside I really enjoyed the scenery of the Rogue river, falls and all of the rest that this trail has to offer.

James R Wilson (4536)

57 Completed33 Reviews

Really nice overlooks of the river on this scenic ledge trail. Can do this almost any time of year (best if not snow and ice). It's a scenic ledge trail most of the way. Well maintained. Park at the Bridge. I think for a short hike, best use south side of the river. The actual Rogue River Trail is on the north side of the river. Aside - the Rogue River Trail is a long multi-day trail that can be hiked from lodge to lodge. What's great about that is - you have a light pack, you will get a cooked super and a roof over your head every night, alcohol at most lodges, breakfast the next morning, and a packed lunch for the next day of hiking on down the river. You can even do your laundry every night. A car shuttle can be arranged at the end (check out river rafting and boating/fishing companies) - most, with a fee will give you a lift in their vans to your starting point!

Sunny Bear (57)

2 Completed2 Reviews

I love bringing people new to southern Oregon down this trail. It's an easy hike with lots of shade and a spectacular view at the end. This trail is very well traveled and dogs can be seen often. I would highly recommend the Rainie Falls hike to anyone visiting the area.

Merle Lyon (1874)

38 Completed18 Reviews

We've been down both sides of the river on these trails and both provide great views and a good hike. Narrow paths and re routing to avoid water falls can be challenging if you have a big pack, day trip packs are no problem.

Mark M. (728)

James Claseman (446)

6 Completed1 Reviews

Have done this hike twice in the past month and once was with our dogs. It is a very narrow path that has views of the Rogue River.

David S. (140)

This was a good hike; for the most part, I'd rate it easy-moderate. However, rocks on some sections of the trail make for a semi-difficult passage requiring a slower, more deliberate and careful pace. Also, some sections are very narrow and there are steep drop-offs here and there. The trail is, basically, carved into the canyon wall along the south side of the Rogue River. During the afternoon of 09/26/14, the trail was shady and a very nice 70F. The many overlooks afforded stunning views of the Rogue River and it's canyon.

Joni Hickey (264)

14 Completed6 Reviews

One of my favorite local hikes. The trail is well maintained, follows the river all the way. The falls are powerful but not huge drops like people imagine water falls to be. Sandy areas and rocks to sit on and enjoy a lunch. We watched rafters go around the falls and over the fish ladder, salmon jumping, lots of birds and fauna. Very moderate and peaceful.

S Lumbreras (356)

15 Completed14 Reviews