Roads End Trail

#4 of 5 trails in Siuslaw Falls County Park
Roads End Trail is a 2.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Lincoln City, OR that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.

2.8 miles 101 feet Out & Back
kid friendly birding hiking nature trips walking beach views wild flowers
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Elena Smith
9 days ago

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It's not the same trail the map shows. You have to go all the way to the end of Logan road, and park somewhere on the shoulder. There are two gates at the end, the left is the one you take.

It's quite an uphill climb, and it's overgrown. I wouldn't recommend going in the rain since the trail gets so muddy.

Otherwise, gorgeous trail. It's forested until you reach the very end, with an oepn meadow and God's Thumb, an almost vertical hill. There is a sheer drop, so be careful. It was so steep and muddy, to get back down I had to slide on my butt. Actually really fun!

Carly Buring
2 months ago

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Hike M.
9 months ago

Great Hike parked at the Draytons old rock cory and hiked up only half a mile to the view point steep but worth the sweat. What a sweet view. Enjoy the pics

Beth Dolph
10 months ago

30 Completed4 Reviews

The trail is overgrown, but don't let that stop you. The view from the top is breathtaking!

Tom Lea
10 months ago

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Start on the gravel road across the street from Roads End. Walk up the pleasant pond lined road for almost one mile. Some elevation gain. At the top of the road walk around the steel gate and take the path immediately to the right (east), well before the old quarry. After several hundred feet of elevation gain on a well worn path, enjoy the amazing view from the grassy knoll. If you want a more adventurous hike, continue north along the beautiful spruce lined ridge until you get to the lovely grassy fields above the north end of Lincoln Cit y. Continue northwest across the first big field and up the hill on the other side. Enter the woods again for a time until you reach the bluffs overlooking the ocean. Here the trail meets up with a north south trail that hugs the coast line. Turn south and head back home across bluffs, the tunnels of small spruce and salal, and then a tree lined path. Here we cut down a very steep path to the beach. Probably not recommended unless you are feeling adventuresome. There is probably an easy path if you continued on the main path to the north end of Logan Road.

Ben Clark
10 months ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

The trail is very overgrown in most parts and not suitable for trail running. It's pretty short and views are minimal until the end.

Rebecca Elizabeth
11 months ago

31 Completed20 Reviews

The trail head is hard to find. We drove to roads end and some areas say no parking. There are two gated areas next to each other. The one to the right says no trespassing and the one to the left you just walk around. The trail isn't well groomed at all. Very short hike then once you get to the end it's a short but steep hill climb. The view at the top is breath taking!

Rachelle Goddin
1 year ago

27 Completed17 Reviews

This is a GORGEOUS hike. It's pretty short if you start at the fence and just go to the steep hill/cliff. There is a hidden trail to the right before you get to the meadow with the hill. I followed it and it took me through some fields and forest where I ended at a wildlife refuge. There is a gate and a sign saying not to trespass, so I turned around and went back.

Finding the trail is difficult and had I not seen hikers making there way to the fence, I probably would have given up. It is at the end of NW Logan Road, and is a gate/fence to the left. You follow a road up a little ways and then you'll see the trail on the right. Overall, the trail is easy but the incline at the super steep hill is intense. It feels like it's almost vertical but the view is amazing.

note: I don't know what the trail is that is marked on the map, the one I found is nowhere near or similar to that. On this map it appears there are other trails around the area where I was but I can't find anything about them online, nor can I find anything about that wildlife refuge. Mysterious.

Jim Stuller
3 years ago

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Great scramble be ready for elevation gain and loss