Three Fingered Jack

#21 of 121 trails in Willamette National Forest
Three Fingered Jack is an out and back trail located near Camp Sherman, OR. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and rock climbing.

Out & Back
hiking rock climbing
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Samantha Sheehy
9 months ago

49 Completed3 Reviews

Stunningly beautiful climb for relatively moderate effort!

Zak Stone
3 years ago

30 Completed11 Reviews

Great hike, wonderful trail with lots of green and a nice creek to listen to. Start early so you have enough sunlight to really light up the east face of 3 fingered. The Mountain goat trail take you to the beginning of Canyon Creek. An epic glacier with a deep blue pool of water and ice. Keep hiking up until you reach the saddle of east ridge. Then you can hike closer to Jack or hike east and get to the top of East ridge. From the top is an awesome view and you can even see Jack Lake and the parking lot. I made the choice to bushwhack back to the truck and some how made it. I would hike this every year. Great trail.

ken moszeter
4 years ago

35 Completed17 Reviews

Out and back from Jack Lake trail head. Easy trail until near the base of Three Fingered Jack then a steep ascent thru scree. Did the loop of Canyon Creek trail in and trails 4010 & 4014 out.

Mike Taylor
4 years ago

20 Completed16 Reviews

I love this hike I really, really do! The hike follows the PCT along a ridge line. We went past the "viewpoint" on up to the top, the last stretch is a fairly steep mountain goat trail. We made it within 200ft from the top, it gets pretty sketchy up there. Excellent views of Black Butte, Mt Washington, Three Sisters, Hoodoo, Big Lake, Hayrick Butte, Berley Lakes, Santiam Lake, Duffy Lake. Beautiful wildflowers.