Trail of Ten Falls at Silver Falls State Park

#1 of 4 trails in Silver Falls State Park
Always something to look at around the next bend, great places to go swimming, totally engulfed by wildlife.

6.92 miles Loop 600 feet
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8.7 mi loop showcasing 10 waterfalls directly off the path, more waterfalls a short jaunt from the main path in several different places. A few of the waterfalls actually fall in front of the path so be prepared to get at least a little misted.

Bobby Lybarger

7 Completed9 Reviews

Evonne Rangle

22 Completed12 Reviews

This trail was beautiful, well maintained. We started at 10am and completed the trail at 6:00pm. Saw all 10 waterfalls. Trek about 10 miles going off trail to take in the sights. Some steep parts and stairs but worth the time and sore legs

Katie Smith

5 Completed4 Reviews

Amazing waterfalls, very popular and well maintained trail. I went on a cloudy, rainy, windy day in August and that seemed to discourage the crowds. I would imagine this trail gets pretty crowded during good weather in the summer months so I'm glad the weather kept the throngs of people at bay on that particular day. Being a drought year and at the end of August the waterfalls were not at their most impressive with flows being quite low and wimpy. I plan to return on a rainy day in spring to hopefully see the true beauty these falls are capable of offering.

Cassandra Reger

12 Completed7 Reviews

Beautiful and efficient way to see a TON of waterfalls! It's most impressive in the late spring! Sure wish dogs were allowed on this trail, though.

J Hanson

3 Completed2 Reviews

Always a fun hike and everything looks great.

Megan L.

It was a great and beautiful hike. The only thing that wasn't so great was that we hiked the trial in August when there was no rain to help the water falls. so we really only saw like 7 of the 10 water falls. Even then they weren't as big as they should have been. I was told after the hike to come back and hike it around April/May when the rain has come. Other then that it was a awesome hike I really suggest this one!:)

Kurt M.

Carlye Buchholz

1 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful trail. Because of a time crunch we couldn't see all ten falls so we did our best to make the most of our time. We drove up to Parking Lot F and walked down to the South Falls (#1 on the map). It was a short hike that was mostly paved with some stairs and a small switchback. There were lots of kids on this trail. We then drove up and parked at the Winter Falls Trailhead and hiked to Winter Falls (#7), Middle North Falls (#6), Drake Falls (#5), Double Falls (#4), and Lower North Falls (#3). Most of the trail was dirt/gravel with a few grated bridges. The only moderately steep section was getting down to the #7. There were hikers of all ages on this section. #4 and #7 were a little on the weak side due to the dry summer but it was still a great little hike. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Enjoy!

Kurt M.

This trail is one of the most beautiful spots in Oregon, with more waterfalls than you can shake a hiking stick at. September isn't the best time to go---especially not at the end of such a dry summer. Water levels are dramatically down, which takes away a lot of splendor.

Note: no dogs allowed on the trail. Also, this is a VERY popular spot, so an early start in the summer is needed to avoid a crowd.

Keith Sautel

3 Completed1 Reviews

Not much water with the dry winter, but still a beautiful hike.