Tualatin Hills Nature Park Loop Trail

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Tualatin Hills Nature Park Loop Trail is a 2.1 mile out-and-back trail located near Tigard, Oregon and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for bird watching and is accessible year-round. 1of 2 trails. The 3.1 mile gravel fire road trail loop is open May through Nov.

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Andria Terrell (40)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Nice place for a walk. Not a lot of shade except along the river. Eagles were very active when I went but unless you have a telephoto lens on your camera they are going to look like dots on your pictures. Very friendly staff.

Kailyn Hall (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I'm always on the hunt for fun places to take my kiddos out to explore. This place was perfect for that! And although not paved, I was able to easily maneuver the jogging stroller without any trouble. We will definitely go back here.

Jonathan Pape (414)

7 Completed7 Reviews

I really like this park and there is a longer loop (about 4 miles) if you take the trail to the left of the main trail (look on the map). One of the only trails I have see deer out while running. Lots of different types of forests (no old growth). Right off the TriMax (Merlo road). I think the park is really well maintained and the paved trails are really accessible for people who do not hike. NO DOGS ALLOWED.

Bronek G (2588)

48 Completed23 Reviews

Easy hike. Very quiet, a lot to observe.

Bronek G (2588)

48 Completed23 Reviews

Tim Todd (14729)

1064 Completed140 Reviews

B C (169)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Found this park after work one day: it was lovely green tall grass pulling in so want sure where I was headed. Busy parking lot, there were kids all around likely on field trips. I parked and went to read the maps and notices. lots of kid friendly activities set up for the summer.
I did not take a paper map, and found the paths quite busy... most went clock wise; so, I went counter clockwise. lots of runners, a bicyclist, and many walkers exercising who crossed paths with me several times lol.
The forested park is lovely and refreshing, clear paths as I walked both asphalt and dirt. The asphslt is wheelchair able.

I got a bit lost going round, but most cross-sections had signage. Easy elevations for anyone.
I saunter, so worked to stay to one side for the runners, cyclists, and exercisers. The only ones slower than me were the little groups of kids. :)
I will gladly go back when less busy with kids functions to explore the other trails.

Richard Libby (90)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Quick & easy walk. No dogs allowed, sorry. Also watch for poison oak all along the trail--stay on the path.

Caitlyn Ross (297)

25 Completed10 Reviews

This is a nice little reserve just outside of the city. An easy stroll, the main trails are paved. We've taken our children + nieces and nephews and they've all enjoyed themselves as there is some wildlife here.

A good place to go running without the buzz of the city. Dogs are *not* allowed, this is enforced. Bummer!

Keri Sprenger (9376)

154 Completed61 Reviews

Great trail system right in town. We did the perimeter trail, which is about 4 miles. Lots of photography opportunities, and paired with the nearby Cooper Mountain trail, it makes for a nice seven mile stroll on a beautiful Saturday in July. The Ponderosa Pine Loop and Cougar trail are musts! Go early, as the parking lot was full when we were leaving.