Wagner Butte Trail

#2 of 90 trails in Rogue River National Forest

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Wagner Butte Trail is a 5.2 mile point-to-point trail located near Ashland, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from June until October.

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Kerry Day (57)

9 Completed1 Reviews

Great hike! It's steep - took 3 hours (slow pace) to hike 5.2 miles up and 2 1/2 to get down. Once you get to the top there are some boulders to climb, this is where you get to see the views - which are so worth it!!! Pack a lunch and a lot of water. Had my French bulldog with me and he enjoyed the hike too! Boulders were a little challenging for him but he made it too.

Merle Lyon (2236)

38 Completed19 Reviews

beautiful view this time with a couple inches of snow.

Jerred Boles (47)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great hike !!!

S Lumbreras (356)

15 Completed14 Reviews

Nancy Goldschmidt (182)

3 Completed2 Reviews

This hike was 10.3 miles roundtrip, fantastic views. When following the directions to get there, the road "Brick Pile Rd/NF-22 was NOT marked, so if traveling up Wagner Creek you will come to a "Y" in the road--go Left and you will end up at the trailhead!! Total cardio workout!!! My friend and I started our hike a little late in the day, so we really had to hike fast to get out of the forest before nightfall-we did it with 8 mins to spare...lol It is well worth going all the way to the top!!!!

Francie Skinner (4412)

66 Completed37 Reviews

February 1, 2014. I drove to check out the access to the trailhead for some friends who will be in the area tomorrow. The road had a few spots of frost but was easy to drive. I decided to hike half way up the trail. It took 1 hour and 4 minutes to go 2.5 miles. The 5 miles hike I did took 1 hour and 53 minutes. I had my 2 dogs who had to mark several bushes and trees and I took several pictures on the way up. If the weather continues to be this mild, I plan on doing the entire hike in a couple of weeks. Quite a few people on the trail for February and lots of dogs too!!!

Martin Corder (711)

22 Completed5 Reviews

Very nice work out. Took us 4.5 hours up and 3 hours down... we were not rushing it. Bring Lunch and Plenty of Water! Long incline at start and spectacular view at look out. Great panoramic view of the rogue valley and Northern California. Mt. Shasta, Mt Ashland, Mt McLoughlin, Pilot Rock, Table Rocks, Emigrant Lake. Ashland, Phoenix, Medford and Central Point. Medford Airport. Lots of. Blue Sky, Green Mountains and Beautiful Landscape.

John Koenig (72)

2 Completed2 Reviews

Wagner Butte is one of my all time favorite hiking trails. Note that it is 5.2 miles one way or RT distance of 10.4 miles with 2200 ft of elevation gain. The trail starts out in a conifer forest, passes through several wildflower rich wet meadows and then on to sagebrush meadows as well as a mountain mahogany stand. Further on, it winds through an aspen grove, past several springs and ends at an old lookout site with specatular views of the whole Rogue basin, Mt. McLoughlin, Mt. Shasta as well as the Marble Mountains, Red Buttes and Grayback Mountain (another excellent hike). This is Hike #60 in Sullivan's "100 Hikes in Southern Oregon" - 2nd edition. Check it out. You'll particulary love this trail if you're into either wildfowers or a good workout or both.