Allegheny Gorge Trail

Allegheny Gorge Trail is a 4.2 mile loop trail located near Polk, PA and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

4.2 miles 495 feet Loop
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Kevin Earley

5 Completed7 Reviews

Eric Wagreich

1 Completed1 Reviews

The descent, ascent, and trough of the hike were fantastic, with great views the whole way! Watch out for hunters during buck season, and wear your orange vest! Didn't feel anywhere near 8 miles, however.

Josh Harter

1 Completed1 Reviews

Nice creek great overlook

Brianne Howard

1 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful! The trails are clearly marked, and even when we detoured from our paths, it was totally worth it. Killer views and soul hugs.

John Maydak

21 Completed17 Reviews

No maps available at trail head, keep in mind this is part of the game lands so wear orange in hunting season. The trail itself was pretty wide and well maintained, awesome vista with views of the river and the old iron furnace was interesting. Pretty moderate hike with, coming up from the furnace was steep as was the return trip on kenmerdell trail. There are deer fences in a few sections, it's perfectly fine to enter them.

Dale B.

Nice trail. Follow the road till it dead ends and you will find the parking lot. As you pull into the parking lot use the first road to the right to start the trail. Follow that road till you see the trail signs then follow the yellow trail markers. Could use a few more markers. A little rugged at times but a nice day trip

Dale B.

I would say it's an awesome day trail. Could use a few more yellow markers in a few spots. Other than that an awesome view and some rugged terrain

Valene Davis

2 Completed2 Reviews

went from parkinglot, to furnace, to the plateau, overlook and over suspension bridges. very pretty trail. can't wait to do again.

Wes Rowden

21 Completed18 Reviews

Great day hike. Took about 3 hours with a side trip to the furnace where we stopped for a half hour for lunch. My GPS said it was more like 6 miles with the side trip to the furnace. Could use more signage. There are 3 trails at the parking lot. Luckily we picked the correct one. First one you come to. At your right at the end of Dewoody road.

Mike T.

Excellent hiking experience. It was my first visit. The entire loop took me 3 hours, 40 minutes to complete, including a 10-minute stop at the Dennison overlook. The trail is well-marked with yellow blazes. It is indeed steep on the back half, but very passable. The bridges are in good shape. I didn't see a single person all day. Very serene.