Appalachian Trail: Clarks Ferry Bridge to Peters Mountain Ridge

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Appalachian Trail: Clarks Ferry Bridge to Peters Mountain Ridge is a 2.7 mile point-to-point trail located near Reed Twp, PA. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and trail running.

2.7 miles 1099 feet Point to Point
hiking trail running
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Tom B.

This was the last half of the 1st day back packing the trail. or any trail. We had left Clarks valley in the morning and spent the night in the shelter on top. fogged out and cold, rainy. we made 13 miles the 1st day arrived and happy for the shelter around 6pm 12/30/15. arriving in the dark was wild and wet. we finished the sobo at the base of cove mtn on 12/31/15. Woot Woot

Kelsie Boyd

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Dave N.

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A very good hike overall. we started at the parking lot at the train tracks, and from there to the parking lot on Peter's Mountain, it is 6.67 miles. I have not been hiking for long, and I definitely found it to be a challenge. there are some decent, sustained ascents and the switchbacks towards the top are more rocks than trail. Once on top, you will find some nice overlooks and vistas of the valleys both north and south. There are numerous sections along the way where you are rock scrambling or picking your way, and again, there are sections that are pretty much just rocks, so be prepared with some good shoes.

Kristal Bentley

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I took a group hiking and paused at a place called "Flat Rock" (about the half way point) where we ate lunch with a view if the river. Someone in my group sprained their ankle on this hike, so be sure to wrap weak ankles while hiking Rocksylvania. :-). Enjoy!!

Stephanie Gilbert

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We've hiked this trail over two days and stayed at the Cove Mountain Shelter. There were great views, lots of climbing opportunities, and it's pretty adventurous, especially for kids. Lots to explore! There is a camping possibility up towards the shelter and a couple more near the shelter.

Dennis Crapser

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A short 7 mile hike with a nice climb though a series of switchback to keep it easy. during the climb you pass though some very nice rock formations which from time to time you have to traverse. once on top it relatives flat and generally easy walking. As easy as can be in Rocksylvania. :) There are some great vies of the Susquehanna & Juniata Rivers

Natalie Cake

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Starting at the Susquehanna River/ rail road tracks entrance, the trail starts with some amazing narrow mildly steep switchbacks that transition into some flat open trails with wonderful river views. The trail continues through another series of switchbacks to climb to the top of the mountain ridge. The trail eventually passes by "shock rock" and then the famous table rock that provides an amazing view of the southern valley.

This is one of my favorite trails in central PA. Most certainly recommend. Take a friend to share the experience.

Steve Mcfeaters

2 Completed1 Reviews

What a great hike best one I've been on so far great views and trails HOWEVER the rocks on the way back will break your ankle unless you have good shoes took my wife dog and I 6 hours to walk from the street to the cove mountain shelter and back but well worth it

Thomas Considine

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this trail has a little for everyone. nice climb up the mountain. and also a nice ridge run