Glen Onoko Run Trail

#1 of 2 trails in Lehigh Gorge State Park

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Glen Onoko Run Trail is a 2.1 mile loop trail located near Lehigh Twp, Pennsylvania that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking & walking and is accessible from March until November.

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Rudy Rosario (159)

10 Completed4 Reviews

Very nice waterfalls along the hike! be prepared to get wet! Lol

Samuel Sandoval (157)

2 Completed2 Reviews

A friend of mine, Kathryn invited me to go on hiking with her. I have no experience in hiking however I was wearing a proper hiking boots from L.L. Beans (thanks God!).

We took the hard path to see the waterfalls upward then took the easy path on way down. We were lucky because we saw some people made it to the top then came down on the hard path. Ouch. The easy path is not easy to find, and it should be marked clearly on the top.

Cody Meserve (127)

1 Completed2 Reviews

Cody Meserve (127)

1 Completed2 Reviews

This will be the second time I have done this trail with my family I love it. I have a 10 yro 11 and 16. I little dangerous but worth it. Most people climbed back down but if you go to the top you can reach a trail that goes back down.

Robert McDowell (261)

4 Completed4 Reviews

Amazing hike! I've been wanting to do it for sometime now and I finally got the opportunity today. I hiked all the way up the falls on the righthand side and down around the mountain to form a loop. The trail is a little confusing to navigate at times but I didn't really have any issues. Once you get on where the trail begins just follows the orange blazes. Once at the top of the falls when you reach the fire ring follow the orange and blue blazes down the mountain. It can be a bit difficult at times and dangerous if you're not an avid hiker. Please wear proper gear and watch your footing as it's extremely rocky and slippery at times. If you take the proper precautions you should be fine. I do not recommend taking young children on this hike. It's a great hike and some beautiful falls on the way up. Highly recommended and don't forget to stop by the cave carved into the mountain just be cautious of the bats!

Ryan Funk (37)

1 Completed1 Reviews

It was sick, some of the trails can get tricky and a liiiiiiiiitle bit dangerous sometimes but I had a blast.

Maria Smith (322)

9 Completed10 Reviews

Slippery and a little bit of climbing. Brought my stepdaughter, she loved it

Maggie Bixler (102)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful trail! We went up the trail on a fairly rainy day, so the rocks were slippery and we needed to be extra careful on the ascent. The views from the top were absolutely phoenominal, and the waterfalls amazing. We hope to go back during the fall season (we went during June) to see the forests leaves change!

Erica Shea (48)

4 Completed1 Reviews

John Watson (655)

30 Completed15 Reviews