Glen Onoko Run Trail

#1 of 2 trails in Lehigh Gorge State Park

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Glen Onoko Run Trail is a 2.1 mile loop trail located near Lehigh Twp, Pennsylvania that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking & walking and is accessible from March until November.

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noelle gonzalez (112)

7 Completed7 Reviews

Did this trail by myself and enjoyed it so much. The cave was very cool. Off the main road behind one of the parking lots. Went away from the falls at first on unmarked partially blazed trail. The falls are amazing. Lots of people/kids/dogs.

Faith Spiker (112)

2 Completed2 Reviews

love this place, it's not too far from my house... I love to go off trail, which you shouldn't do if not familiar... I go here a lot all year round... if you can tolerate hiking during cold months it really is beautiful...

Matt Nolan (601)

35 Completed33 Reviews

Michael Quinn (399)

34 Completed17 Reviews

Awesome, every aspect of it! I did this hike twice so far, second time I had to take my 3 kids there and I got minimal complaining from them! I went in the fall with the awesome foliage views but this hike would be great any day or season!

K.A. Harper (232)

32 Completed5 Reviews

Our family loved this hike! It was challenging, there were may spots on the way up where you needed to think about hand or foot placement. It was so much fun climbing up the waterfall among the boulders. Do be careful, the rocks were somewhat slick. We enjoyed the scenery mostly from the trail, wouldn't let the kids stray too far from the path except under the waterfall near the top. We recommend taking the 7 mile out and back (from the top of the trail, continue walking along the ridge) you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the oxbow bend in the Lehigh River. Do take the alternate path on the way back- I'm glad I read that suggestion here- the falls on the way back would have been very difficult to descend.

Andy Hoover (147)

2 Completed2 Reviews

This trail is moderately challenging for a novice hiker or someone who is in bad physical shape, but it is not dangerous and isn't that difficult for anyone with any level of physical acumen. It is only dangerous if you do something stupid.

This is a beautiful trail. We hiked it last month during one of the Jim Thorpe fall foliage festival weekends. The falls and views are well worth the effort. We saw families with pre-teen kids and people of all sizes and ages enjoying it.

I do recommend taking the switchback loop trail because coming back down the falls trail would be more challenging than going up. The trail is marked but not extremely well. We asked advice from fellow hikers several times before finding it. You follow the falls trail (orange blazes, if I recall correctly) until you stop seeing water. Shortly thereafter, you'll see a large boulder formation directly in front of you. To the right, there are white blazes that mark the trail that loops back to the Glen Onoko parking area.

It took us about two hours to do the 2.1 miles. That was with multiple stops for pictures and snacks.

Have fun!

Jennifer Rush (96)

11 Completed3 Reviews

The hike is DANGEROUS. Please do not underestimate the trail. It is not maintained by anything other than foot traffic and that means in some places it is easy and in other spots it's hardly a trail at all. This path is steep climb in very close proximity to the waterfalls. Hikers can climb into and around the waterfalls. Please be cautious. People have died here. Please remember that if something happens to you there is no easy way for rescuers to reach you. The waterfalls are spectacular and well worth the hike if you can do it safely. Please use shoes with a good grip on them and please keep your hands free because in several places you may need to use them to help pull yourself up.

Marta Komosienski (65)

3 Completed2 Reviews

Love it! Very difficult for a hiking but worth every step! The only con is the trail is not well marked at all.

David P. (78)

Ann R (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Pay close attention to the signs. Not a difficult trail to the top if you want to see the falls, but pay attention on the way down.
Try the trail that does not follow the water on the way down. very steep and dangerous.