Kelly's Run Loop

Kelly's Run Natural Area is a 4.0 mile loop trail near the Susquehanna River in Holtwood, PA. The trail is rocky and steep in some places but it is a beautiful hike with views of small but picturesque waterfalls.

3.5 miles Loop 105 feet
Dog Friendly
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Kimberly Hannah

1 Completed1 Reviews

This experience was so serene and a nice hike overall. You get a little bit of everything but I recommend to pan for the whole day if you will like to do the whole trail.

Donna Thomas

1 Completed1 Reviews

William Hughes

18 Completed17 Reviews

The hike starts at the Holtswood recreation area, with two ballfields and pavilions. There is a paved parking area with bathrooms, but the bathrooms were locked when I visited in October. I would have preferred to hike the loop clockwise, so I could hike up the creek, rather than down. In order to hike clockwise, start on the third base side of the western most ball field. A portion of the trail is through a large open field and another portion is on an abandoned paved road. The trail is very well marked with blue blazes.

Much of the trail is easy, with a mild descent to the Susquehanna. There are a couple of steeper areas, and the portion of the tail that follows and crosses the creek can be tricky; especially with wet leaves and wet rock surfaces. The creek portion of the trail makes this hike worth it. Map My Run calculated the loop at 4 miles.

Zach Miller

3 Completed1 Reviews

Fun and beautiful

James C

31 Completed20 Reviews

Awesome trail with varying terrain. Loved the creek that had mini waterfalls and shallow pools. Took me about an hour to hike and I'm definitely coming back soon.

Megan Christine

3 Completed1 Reviews

Got to the park early in the morning and started by the baseball field, behind the bathrooms. Took my dog and by the end we both had had a great workout! Loved being by the water and rocks, fire road section was rough for us, but walking across the field was a great end to it! Will be back to venture around more!

Scott B

1 Completed1 Reviews

Nice trail except for the fire road section (paved). Along the creek was nice with some small water falls and what could be a few spots to take a dip if you would like.

I did the loop counter clockwise. I think clockwise would be better. Wouldn't call the trail easy. It has some tricky spots.

Found some offshoot trails but mostly they were overgrown. Definitely going back to explore more of the area

Megan McAuliffe

1 Completed1 Reviews

A well marked trail and a nice workout.

Robert Martin

37 Completed2 Reviews

No problem finding the trailhead, nice hike, down by the creek was picturesque, and the pinnacle was a great view. Don’t what the big deal is about which direction you go, you are out hiking who cares of its easy one way or the other? If you are that worried you can practically drive to the pinnacle.

Ashley Centini

8 Completed3 Reviews

This was a really nice hike. It wasn't too crowded. I am really disappointed that I had no service here and couldn't track my trail. Maybe next time.