Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Denver, PA
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Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is a 5.9 mile multiple route trail located near Denver, Pennsylvania and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.



13 Completed 13 Reviews

Great day hike. Good for all levels. Some trails are steep with many switchbacks and some are flat and very easy for beginners. Too hot? Then stop at the museum and cool off while listening to a great presentation by one of the volunteers. Lots of wildlife to be seen, great place to photographs many species of birds.



1 Completed 1 Reviews

Good trail for a lazy Sunday walk.



2 Completed 2 Reviews

The scenery is beautiful. Very nice indoor welcome/information center. I wish the trails were connected or at least marked better so that we could find more without getting back in the car and driving until we found another one.



2 Completed 1 Reviews

Went to see the snow geese. Very beautiful



21 Completed 4 Reviews

like to do the middle creek trail to horseshoe trail then loop back to beginning.