Minister Creek Trail

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Minister Creek Trail is a 6.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Sheffield, PA that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and camping and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

6.5 miles 1056 feet Loop
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Christy Bonner
4 days ago

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Josh T
17 days ago

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I love this place went for the first time at the end of February and camped for a night at, I believe, the three rivers campground this weekend I went off the beaten path and found some really cool place and a nice campsite about a mile in to the north loop down next to the creek, I will definitely be going again sometime

Hunter Elder
25 days ago

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We walked the South Loop and Middle Loop for a shorter (about 4 mile) hike. Very beautiful view from the overlook and also a lot of really cool huge rocks that we explored on those trails. We got a little excited when we arrived and started walking the opposite way, which could easily be mistaken for a trail if you've never been here before and weren't paying attention. Overall a really cool trail that we will be returning to soon to hike the North Loop!

James Dwyer
1 month ago

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Solo Backpacked this loop. Not gonna lie there was some really eerie stretches of this hike. There are a couple huge swathes of trees that all got knocked over in the same direction. Not cut down. Plowed over. Not exactly sure how. Made for interesting trails as some of them weaved and bobbed through the craters left by these massive pines. Also managed to get myself lost one for a solid hour, definatly got my adrenaline pumping not knowing where the trail went. On the far side of the loop that intersects with North Country Trail there are tons of man-made campgrounds made up out of flat stones. Surprisingly comfortable little chairs can be made with some well-placed stones. I accidentally saved the best for last when I stumbled into the huge rock formations and overlook. Best way to cap off a long backpack.

Logan Gearhart
1 month ago

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Alex Dattilo
1 month ago

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One of the best trails I have done, It never gets old and is always full of different wild life. The ecosystem changes a few different time as you move on down the trail which makes it a fun and interesting trip.

Emily Beary
1 month ago

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Amazing! My fiancé and I completed he North loop plus some in the early spring. It still was somewhat snowy, but still beautiful. Although I was quite tired at the end it was worth the climb. We did the steepest part first. The outlook was breath taking.

Brian Yoger
4 months ago

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John Maydak
6 months ago

23 Completed17 Reviews

Incredible view at Minister Valley overlook, that alone was worth the 10 mile hike. Tons of massive rock formations and in some areas the trail leads you right through gaps and crevices, might be a tight fit with a larger pack. Elevation gains were gradual in most areas. Trail markers were further apart than I like and hard to follow in some areas. Being mid October the trail was covered in leaves and a tad slippery in spots with recent rainfall. GPS directions from this site brought me to the trailhead perfectly. There were plenty of campsites along the trail, it can be done in a single day without much trouble though. Will definitely be back!

Ed Munch
7 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

We try to do this trail at least once a year. Great camping at triple fork. Always plenty of good water available, filtering advised.

Triple fork was also our second camp site during our 100 trek of the NCT through the ANF back in 2012.

Doug Dacus
7 months ago

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Well kept trail, awesome camping spots and great views. It's a smoker getting up to the overlook with packs on but it's well worth it.

J.J. Jones
7 months ago

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Sierra Jenkins
8 months ago

5 Completed1 Reviews

Awesome trail! Unfortunately when we went, the upper loop of the trail was closed, so we just shortened our trip and did the lower loops. We enjoyed the scenery, especially at the Overlook. We camped in the clearing near the Overlook-- definitely made for a great renegade camp site, as there were fire pits from previous campers. Went 4th of July weekend and saw only one other person. Would definitely recommend, and looking forward to going back and completing the entire loop.

Beeb Scott
9 months ago

26 Completed4 Reviews

Such a fun trail, did some trail running felt like a fairy! easy to get a little lost so be careful!

Seth Craft
9 months ago

4 Completed2 Reviews

Great trail, beautiful views, and great camping!

nick Oboczky
10 months ago

2 Completed2 Reviews

Great trail done it many times always have a good time. I took my two kids this time for there first backpacking trip and they loved it there a lot of large rock formations that kids and adults can enjoy. There is just one small issue a lot of the trail markers are missing which would make for a tuff winter hike but in the summer most can figure it out. The North country trail sign is broken off an is missing so bring a map and compass and you should be fine. Have fun!

Ryan Passmore
11 months ago

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Amazing views, giant bedrock to climb, nice stream and great camping. I've hiked this about a dozen times and will continue to go back. Perfect for a long day hike or a night of camping

Amber Marsh
11 months ago

4 Completed4 Reviews

I hiked the north loop starting at the south loop connector. Beautiful trail and easy to follow. Grey diamonds are spread out perfectly. Some tricky spots are marked with pink tape. On the North Country portion follow the blue blaze. After the last bridge (not on the map) keep your eyes peeled for the grey diamond.

Gene Eminhizer
1 year ago

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have hiked this trail many times. I have loved every minute of it. it's a beautiful scenic trail and it gives a decent challenge no matter what the weather is. the camping area is near the parking lot and there are several campsites at the back end of the trail. most are near the trail some are a little off the map but will worth the exploration to find them. have always seen wildlife there dear one or two bears, lots of raccoons, squirrels, opossums, chipmunks, and tons of birds. I have like this trail no less than 2 times a year every year since the late eighty's and it never gets old.

Darcy Shinew
1 year ago

8 Completed1 Reviews