Rachel Carson Trail - Springdale to Crawford Run

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A short section of a very rugged trail. Switchbacks are for whimps. (4 miles)

4.2 miles 1197 feet Point to Point
dog friendly hiking
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The Rachel Carson Trail is 34 miles of yellow-blazed trail from North Park to Harrison Hills Park. It is a rugged undertaking, cutting through suburban areas utilizing whatever space is available. Power line cuts are popular throughways which means that the trail will often climb straight up or down steep hills. The motto of the trailblazers seems to be "Switchbacks are for whimps". It's a primitive trail with no camp sites or trailside amenities.

The trail from Springdale starts by climbing a steep powerline cut and thankfully stays on the hilltop for a while. After coming down off the hill, it's up Riddle Run Road before picking up another power line. The most brutal hill is down to Murry Hill Road and the Sheetz. A 50 degree slope straight down (or up if your traveling south). Someone has tied a steel cable to a tree to help your climb.

The annual Rachel Carson Challenge covers the entire 34 miles in one day. Most don't complete the event.

Alan Bourne

828 Completed822 Reviews

This trail was much harder than I was expecting. I think once I sleep tonight I won't get up until noon. The trail is mostly hardwoods. Popular with dogs.

Michael H

1 Completed1 Reviews

Challenging first hike of the season. Includes two steep climbs.

Amy Jessop

37 Completed37 Reviews

1st half of trail (emerling end) is in open space with not much to see. In summer, sun can be hot! Second half is wooded and more pleasant. Steep in spots, but good hike for the area