The Pinnacle Trail

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The Pinnacle Trail is a 13 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Hamburg, PA that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

13.0 miles 1833 feet Loop
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A great hike on portions of the Appalachian Trail. Observatory is enroute to Pinnacle with outstanding views of Lehigh Valley and Interstate 78. Lots of wildlife to watch along the way. From the gate follow the road up to the Appalachian Trail, follow the white blazes through the switch backs then climb to the summit of Pulpit Rock then continue on the trail for about 2 miles then follow the blue blazed trail to the summit. Backtrack on the blue blazed trail from the summit and follow the Appalacian Trail towards Eckville. Once you hit an open meadow, a blue blaze trail will be on your left. Take this trail and it will bring you down to a reservior. Follow the reservior road back to the parking area.

Katie Shemanski
1 minute ago

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Loved this hike. We ended up doing the whole 13miles. I think we will head up a different way next time to save some time but it was definitely worth the experience!

Kyrie Hawkins
2 hours ago

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Mike Vader
1 day ago

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Brian Evans
2 days ago

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James Arndt
3 days ago

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This trail is very scenic, offers phenomenal scenery. Myself and two friends hiked up to pulpit rock (where they got tired out), counter clockwise up the roadway first. When I go again, I'll definitely take another route up, as the sharp incline of the road was rough on all of us. There is an observatory at pulpit rock, which myself and my friends had the pleasure of looking inside at. Would recommend to anyone looking for a decent day-hike.

Megan Milligan
7 days ago

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Great day trip! Wear hiking boots it's very rocky

John Shelley
10 days ago

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Great hike with excellent scenery. Plenty of spots to set up for the night. However, the only allowed site to camp is the shelter. Make sure you register your car if parking overnight.

Margie Evelyn
12 days ago

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My first trail loved every minute of it!

John Shelley
14 days ago

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Moderate difficulty. Very scenic. Had a 35lb bag. Great scenery

Lori Haggenmiller
20 days ago

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I find it's more enjoyable to take the blue-blazed trail along Furnace Creek which intersects the white-blazed Appalachian Trail at the helipad and takes you first to the Pinnacle. It's about 4 miles from the parking lot at the water treatment plant to the Pinnacle using this route. Then head south on the Appalachian Trail another 2 miles or so and come to Pulpit Rock. Watch out for copperheads, they love hanging out in the crevices between those boulders. Speaking of boulders - there is a stretch between the Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock that requires extensive scrambling. Wear good boots. Great 9-mile hike, takes me just under five hours to complete, allowing for some downtime at both vistas. Go on a weekday morning to avoid the crowds.

Talia Ashbrook
28 days ago

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Really great trail, and not too crowded (we went on a Sunday in early April). The views are really great from both pulpit rock and the pinnacle. I definitely agree with other viewers who suggested going counterclockwise around the loop!

Loring S.
1 month ago

Awesome hike but our loop was only 8.4 miles. Incredible views and a good workout on the AT Check out my full write up which includes directions and other things to look out for.

Lizz Jones
1 month ago

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My husband and I really enjoyed this trail. We took our 1.5 year old German shepherd and Alaskan malamute and they handled it well also. I would probably consider this more moderate since it is a bit steep and rocky. We took a blue marked trail by accident and weren't able to get to the rock but next time, we know. Definitely important to wear good shoes.

Michael L
2 months ago

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Hard ascending but easy downhill. Pack light

Vasili Lebo
2 months ago

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Hiked the entire loop in a little more than half a day, which is said to be about 10-12 miles. Started at the identified parking area, which is the intersection of Reservoir Road and Furnace Creek, northbound to the split and cut right heading to the peak. This is the ridge side, which is very rocky with some good elevation, which I would consider ‘moderate’ as you can work up a good sweat. There is good scenery as you climb, which is somewhat visible in the winter, but not sure about summer time when all the trees will be filled in. There’s two scenic vistas as you climb towards the Pinnacle (the Pinnacle being the second of the two). On our descent we went down on the back side, which has a wide trail, considered ‘easy’, the follows a stream with some nice views as well. It was great little day hike. We started after noon time and got back before dark, but plan to start earlier if you’d like to eat lunch at the Pinnacle, which would be nice to do.

Jeff Bailey
3 months ago

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Finally got an opportunity to hike Pulpit/Pinnacle, and really enjoyed it. Did the 8.7 mile version of the loop, whereas alltrails shows it as 13+ miles. Pretty rocky terrain - wear decent footwear. From the trailhead at the water treatment plant, once you cross the bridge, head right in order to go counter-clockwise around the loop. This way, you hit pulpit rock first. Pulpit rock has very nice views, but they would seem disappointing if you've already been to the Pinnicle. The views from Pinnacle are great. Get to the trailhead early so that you can spend some time at the Pinnacle just enjoying the view and exploring the small cave that is just below the top of the Pinnacle.

I didn't take my dog due to reported rockiness, and I'm not sure that I'd take him if I went back. Most of the trail is no problem, but the rockiest sections may be to difficult for a dog to navigate.

I'm pretty sure that I'll do this trail again - if for no other reason than to take my daughter. It was a busy trail (we went on a saturday in January) - Pinnacle was somewhat crowded, and people passed us on the trail all during the day. Not a "seculded walk in the woods", but a very nice day hiking.

Mike Hewett
3 months ago

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John Duffin
4 months ago

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Excellent. Plenty of challenge, My first time climbing. decent ascent and great views. Close to Philly.

Andrew S.
4 months ago

Krystyna Miletta
4 months ago

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