The Pinnacle Trail

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A great hike on portions of the Appalachian Trail

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Jennifer Danella (60)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Ashley Centini (604)

7 Completed3 Reviews

This is the second time I completed this trail and I enjoyed it as much as the first! The view at the top is amazing. It wasn't too crowded either for a nice sunny Saturday. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, as the trail is rocky in some places. I will definitely be coming back in the fall!

Mary JM (229)

7 Completed7 Reviews

It is very rare for me to give 5 stats to anything and I am thrilled to finally give a very deserving one! The Pulpit Rock Pinnacle Trail is is a must "do" for the regular hiker!!! The trail did not disappoint in any way...views, scents, vistas, sounds and amazing climbs. I recommend that you wear sturdy boots for the rock climbing you will do and take the harder trail up, as it is totally worth the climb. The observatory at the top is fun to explore and the views are breadth taking! Enjoy, explore and fun

Frank Gregorio (64)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Was a fun hike. Wasn't to hard but the snow made it a little more challenging. Once you hit the top there is an underground cave that you can go into. We didn't do it but now we would knowing what it is.

Mike C (3069)

70 Completed25 Reviews

I just did this hike a few nights ago. I was invited by a coworker who suggested that a group of us hike the trail at night to see the full moon rise. When we got up to the Hamburg area, we were surprised to see a few inches of snow, which in my mind just added to the fun. Seeing the full moon reflecting off the snow was amazing, and even more so once we actually reached the Pinnacle! Great hike. Don't go at night unless you have someone with you who is extremely familiar with the trail, and you yourself are a competent hiker.

Emily Morse (101)

1 Completed1 Reviews

I hiked to the pulpit first and then to the pinnacle from there. The hike was amazing. Worst part was the hike about 3/4 mile after I started. You gain a lot of elevation quickly on a gravel road but it's only about 1 mile of steep road. After that it is relatively flat, albeit rocky, or downhill. If you go early enough, there are less or even zero other people and so you can see a lot more wildlife. My husband and I started out around 5:30am (to get to the pulpit at sunrise) and we didn't see anyone until about the last 1/2 mile.

Jim Kerestus (81)

1 Completed1 Reviews

We had a great hike up to both pulpit & the Pinnacle. Having never been there before, we took the trail all the way to the right. While it was the most direct the first mile was VERY steep. I would not recommend it for those with smaller kids. The view from pulpit was partially grown in limiting your view. The trail between the two points is pretty rocky so make sure you have good boots. The view from the Pinnacle made it all worthwhile! The day was clear so you could see to the horizon. Amazing! We walked down the middle (blue marked) trail which was a nice walk. recommend that for anyone's ascent. The through hikers we met were very nice, we just made sure to let the pass as we couldn't keep their pace. I'm very glad we made the hike &look forward to doing it again someday!

Robert Brost (85)

7 Completed2 Reviews

Addendum to earlier review I posted. I forgot to mention one final note about hiking the Pinnacle but, didn't want to leave it out. If you've taken the trail to the Pulpit and continued on to see the Pinnacle, you will come to a large pile of rocks piled in a pyramid shape just before reaching the Pinnacle. This pile will be important later so,mark it's location. The trail from the Pulpit leads you past this large pile on the RIGHT HAND SIDE. When you leave the Pinnacle and search for the trail that leads you back to the parking lot via the AT, follow the trail that runs on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the large rock pile once again. That trail will look similar to the trail you took to get to the Pinnacle from the Pulpit so, don't get confused. The AT trail takes you past a helipad and a reservoir on the way back. I wanted to share that because it got a little confusing finding the AT trail back after seeing the Pinnacle. The rock pile is the key! Locate it and select the corresponding trail to where you are headed. There's a trail on each side. From the Pinnacle you'll have to choose whether you're headed to the Pulpit or the AT/helipad/reservoir before returning to the reservoir road parking lot. Both trails emanate from the rock pile. P. S. Don't forget to put a rock on the pile!

Robert Brost (85)

7 Completed2 Reviews

My girlfriend and I hiked up to both the Pulpit and Pinnacle overlooks today. We are in our early 50s and considered this hike to be moderate to difficult. The hike totals around 8 miles and is a circular out and back hike. There are challenging sections with a few rock formations that need to be traversed. The views ate spectacular and well worth the hike though. Now the particulars. First, right away we were welcomed or should I say swarmed with bugs galore buzzing around us for almost the entire hike so, you may want to bring a screened hat. We saw several people wearing them and commended them on their wisdom. Deep woods off did zero to stop them, I even think they were eating the stuff! Next, if you want a much easier hike along a wider, more improved trail hike to the Pinnacle first or even solely. The trail is much easier than the trail up to the Pulpit overlook. The view from the Pinnacle is better, the trail there is easier and less steep without the need to walk over boulders and you can just return the way you came. Half the time and distance, a less treacherous walk and a better view make a hike directly to the Pinnacle only a no brainier. Stay on the gravel road after crossing the bridge to get to the Pinnacle. It's a continuation of Reservoir Rd. and takes you past the reservoir itself as we'll as a helipad. You can still go see the Pulpit after seeing the Pinnacle but the trek will be tougher walking downhill over several sets of boulders. The hike is a big loop so if you see the Pinnacle first you will travel clockwise. To hike to the Pulpit first or solely, take the smaller path to the right after crossing the bridge and get ready for a steep ascent through the woods and over small medium and semi large boulders/rocks.

Maria Serrahima (158)

2 Completed2 Reviews

very beautiful views!