Thousand Steps

Great views along the way and at the end of this hike. Great work out also.

3.49 miles Out & Back 1100 feet
Dog Friendly
hiking rock climbing dogs leash rocky scramble
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This is a very strenuous hike. It is equivelant to a 1 hour stair master workout. There are plenty of places to rest though and look at the great views that this hike has to offer.

This is also a geocacher friendly hike.

Jerry Haselbarth

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We've done the steps half a dozen times. my friend's 24 yr old daughter suggested we continue to the top of the mountain and follow the orange blazed trees and it would make a loop taking about 4 hrs. It was not an easy climb, mostly switchbacks to get to the top. we then continued following the marks once there.
Unfortunately there was no loop. The trail ended after 4 1/2 hrs on a hard road two miles from Millcreek and then five miles to the parking spot at thousand steps. My fault for blindly following and not researching first. It all
turned out ok as a nice lady gave us a ride the last five miles.
Even if we placed another car at the end of the trail, i would not do the hike again. Not the most pleasant terrain.
You had to constantly watch your foot steps so as not to twist an ankle. The young one did anyway. I gave it four stars for the workout it gave my old carcass and the phenomenal view once we got to the top of the mountain.

Avegail Colegado Bottoff

15 Completed14 Reviews

Thanks to the folks who shared their experiences! It is a great cardio. Do dress appropriately for the climb, be vigilant about where you are stepping. And if you have weak knees and ankles (like me), bring a tape or wrap for support. A walking stick will prove invaluable as well. The good news is that there are several rest stops along the way.

The last 200 steps felt like forever but we made it to and fro Thousand Steps with our backpacks (25 lbs) as part of our training for a trip. We also hiked the path behind the old building structure to see the quarry carvings on the mountain sides, we then enjoyed the spectacular un-obstructed view of the Juniata River, the train and the town below from the Ledge Quarry. It was worth it as it made the following day’s backpack training hike of Laurel Hill Ridge Trail much easier.

Fran Hawksworth

4 Completed4 Reviews

It's a great way to get to the many miles of trails that are at the top of the
Mountain. The views along the way are wonderful and it's a great bit of history too!

Cort Knox

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Bob Garber

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great exercise on the way up. It's a little hard to find the parking area, which is closer to Mt. Union than Huntingdon. 'Nice views at the top of the steps which actually number 1037.

Bryan Kluth

107 Completed31 Reviews

Great drive getting there...Great hike. Keep going north after reaching the overlook until the trail starts meandering up the mountain. Stay left and go over the logs. Keep going until the trail starts to thin and look for a huge rock pile on your right. Make you way to and climb it for a nice and relatively unknown viewpoint.

Josh Campbell

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Very good workout. short enough that you can do it in an hour...difficult enough that you are getting a thorough workout. Not recommended for those with weak knees or ankles.

Daniel Frank

5 Completed4 Reviews

This truly a 1000 steps plus.......everything you could ask for is here

Terry Burket

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This can be an excellent cardio workout. Better than a stepper.

Becky Conner

41 Completed18 Reviews

LOVE this climb! Make sure you go the whole way to the top...past the stone structure...and around the side of the mountain...this is where you will find the view worth "wobbly-legs" :)