Lincoln Woods State Park

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Mallory Bedard (92)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Definitely a really nice spot for biking or hiking. The loop is actually a scenic one way road to drive on, lots of runners and mothers pushing strollers. Trails in the woods were sort of misleading as there weren't many markings but still had a great time just biking through and seeing where i ended up. Probably wouldn't recommend some trails for super beginner bikers as it gets a bit rocky, up and downs, and tons of tree roots, perfect for hikers. I loved it though. Have fun!

Matt Grant (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

One way in, one way out, stroller friendly and great.

Kirsten Maples (87)

2 Completed1 Reviews

Beautiful, easy trail. Fairly busy.

Jason L (193)

3 Completed2 Reviews

There are many more trails than what is shown on the map but don't expect to find a map once you get there. There are no trail signs or trail markings. We decided to hike around Olney Pond and were able to find paths most of the way with some time spent on the paved road. Lots of boulders and biking potential. Drawbacks are that it is a very busy park with lots of signs of people (trash on the trails, dog poop left behind)

Ricky Lyman (52)

12 Completed1 Reviews

Good, easily accessible park. Great climbing and mountain-biking too!

Luis Carvalho (87)

1 Completed1 Reviews

Jason Shuford (126)

1 Completed2 Reviews

This is my before work or after work spot for mountain bike shredding. Not the biggest park in terms of mileage, but the trails are fun and flow together perfectly. I wouldn't recommend Lincoln Woods mtb trails for beginners, more of a intermediate to advanced level of riding.

Jason Shuford (126)

1 Completed2 Reviews

Alan Bourne (92631)

652 Completed649 Reviews

The lake was beautiful. The woods were beautiful. It took me a long time around due to playing on the boulders. LOL I would love to repeat this hike during fall foliage!

Thomas Domack (316)

10 Completed6 Reviews

Came here for the first time in April. Was a warm day with a strong cool breeze. Couldnt find a map, and all the information buildings were closed. Was able to down load a map to my phone but details were hard to read. We just went for the known 4.5 mile loop, which is paved, wide and easy. There is a little up and down and a nice view of the water (the loop circles the water). There is a lot more to be had here, but having a map would have been nice. Lots of people bouldering, mountain biking, walking and running. Nice family spot if you are looking for a nice trip.