palmetto trail - peak to prosperity passage

Pomaria, SC

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Palmetto trail - peak to prosperity passage is a 6.50 mile loop trail located near Pomaria, South Carolina. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking & mountain biking.

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John Harmon (565)

31 Completed6 Reviews

**Note - my hike was an out-and-back trip from the Alston to Pomaria trailheads; the distance reflected is one way between those two points. The complete trail extends approximately 4 more miles to the west**

A part of the Palmetto Trail, the Peak to Prosperity Passage is a rails-to-trails project that offers an easily accessible and interesting hike through a midlands forest. The trail is open to hikers and off-road cyclists.

The prominent feature of the trail is the many former railroad trestles that carry the hiker over rivers, creeks and swampy areas. Informational kiosks are strategically located along the trail, revealing the history of the rail line. A talking guide is also available by use of your cell phone and QR codes located on rail side signage.

The terrain is more or less flat, as the trail was graded for railroad purposes. The hiker can view locations where work crews bisected hills, filled gullies and created causeways across swampy areas for laying the railroad bed.

The campsite located 1.5 miles east of the Pomaria trailhead was an unexpected treat; fire rings, picnic tables, a sump tube, bear bag food cable and nearby flowing water are amenities available to campers utilizing this primitive site.

Hikers should be aware that long stretches of the trail are on bare gravel; take this in to consideration when choosing your foot gear for this hike. Also, be aware of hunting activity along the trail during deer season. Numerous deer hunting stands overlook the trail from adjacent, private property.

In all, I thought this was a pleasant hike and one I am glad I took. However, the trail became monotonous as the miles passed and this is one segment I am unlikely to repeat, resulting in my rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Ross Bryson (151)

7 Completed1 Reviews

The overview is wrong about this trail. It's 10.8 miles one way from Peak to Prosperity. A map and trail/trail head description is listed below. But as far as a review, it's a great trail, easy walk, wear boots, or have sturdy, wide tires on a mountain bike. Be sure to stop and get a beer and burger in Pomeria; we did, the beer was cold and the burger was large and delicious. It's a lovely treat and a great value!

Scott Beaulieu (617)

16 Completed16 Reviews

Go to the Alston Trailhead in Peak,SC . Just over the Broad River bridge you will see the turn in to the trailhead. Camping right there is available before you go over the walking bridge(part of the trail but used to be for R.R.) See where Sherman and his army burned down the old bridge...the cement structures are still in the water and can be seen from the bridge. The trail itself is wide and long and boring. Me and the wife found a Geocache at one of the street crossings....some wildlife in the area and the only reason it gets three stars is because the area has the best Smallmouth fishing in the state. Kayaking loads of fun but the trail, which Im rating here, is boring.....