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Peachtree Rock is a 2 mile loop trail located near Lexington, South Carolina. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking. Trail varies from easy to moderate and is fairly well marked. There are actually 7.5 miles of trails but the main attractions are on the 2 mile loop.

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Jon M. (314)

Kayce Seybt (36)

1 Completed1 Reviews

It was ok. Signs aren't clear on which way to get to the 2 mile hike or the 7.5 mile hike to the wrong turn and ended up on the 7.5 mile hike. Always turn left when trying to get to the rock and waterfall.

Daniel Woodard (483)

6 Completed5 Reviews

It's great I take my boys often they love the water fall and hike out to little Peachtree rock for more to see

Jon M. (314)

Alan Hanscom (1233)

12 Completed3 Reviews

Wow what a great place a waterfall plenty of rocks to climb on great for all ages I recommend this trail for everyone can't wait to go back and explore more

Lewis Martin (2544)

23 Completed10 Reviews

This is a pretty neat trail with features you don't really see around the midlands of SC. Even though the rock has been toppled, it's still worth a visit. I will definitely be going back.

Leo Rose (230)

9 Completed6 Reviews

Unfortunately vandals have knocked over the featured attraction. Fortunately there is a second less well known similar rock that is a much further hike in and further for vandals to reach. Even with the rock knocked down it is a really unique place. There is a waterfall that is unusual for the Sandhills. The hiking is fun and there are lots of places for kids to explore.

Steve La Chappelle (447)

12 Completed4 Reviews

What a great hike!! The trees and waterfall was really cool to see. The Peach tree rock was knocked over when I went, but it still was a cool hike. We took my parents out there and they are not the biggest hikers in the world but they still had a great time walking around the trails.

Joyce Thomas (59)

3 Completed3 Reviews

This is a quiet semi rugged trail. You can make it what you want it to be. I with my Hubby,Friend and dog, Love coming here. It has cnanged some since the huge "Rock" Tipped over. The trails have changed some what. I go here weekly. My faverite part is The rock to climb. It is a good work out, for an older person such as I,with disibilties.
My most faverite place on the whole trail is the spring water falls falling out of the rock bank and making its own lil creek . The water is so cold, refreshing, and a welcome site. The whole habitat is interesting and meeting new people who are lost is nothing new, Traild are not marked well. Be Careful.

John Harmon (591)

31 Completed7 Reviews

Remarkable diversity in such a small park! Sadly, Peachtree Rock itself has been toppled by vandals, but Little Peachtree Rock still stands further into the park. Pros - Well marked, well maintained trails, all easily accessible from the trailhead. Cons - The trails, which criss cross the park, have the same markings. This is a popular destination and trash is usually left by the non Leave No Trace crowd. I routinely pack out the litter I run across.