Badlands National Park

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Badlands National Park is a point-to-point trail located near Pine Ridge, South Dakota that offers scenic views and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for scenic driving and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Adam Lund (33202)

491 Completed222 Reviews

Scenery unlike anyplace else I've been. We were lucky (sort of) to be there during a thunderstorm, and boy did the sky and the landscape light up.

Courtney Chivon (298)

38 Completed2 Reviews


Tatiana Smith (6337)

80 Completed58 Reviews

One of the most unique and beautiful places that I have ever seeing. You can't really describe it, you have to see it. Definitely a bucket list place!

Tim Todd (14466)

1062 Completed138 Reviews

I really wish I had given myself more time to visit the Badlands. It's high on my list to come back.

Jack Tatsch (34987)

349 Completed349 Reviews

Great landscapes to enjoy. Magnificent colors in the eroded terrain. Lots of wild animals.

Jodie Jones (506)

19 Completed4 Reviews

Absolutely beautiful.

Terry X. (805)

We didn't get a chance to stay too long and hike the trails, but this place rockstruly a unique experience. Between the Badlands and the Black Hills I was thoroughly amazed with the South Dakota landscape and I hope to return soon!

Ryan Farrell (298)

7 Completed8 Reviews

Love the badlands have gone there every 5 years. I like going off the man trails a bit so its always different each time a go

Frank Clampitt (219)

7 Completed7 Reviews

Like the Grand Canyon, but in reverse. Get out and walk on the trails. You'll have pictures unlike any others.

Scott Martz (351)

11 Completed11 Reviews

Tons of things to see and do! Some fo the views are just amazing. Definately a must see. So many trails to just go off and explore on.