Presidential Trail, Mt Rushmore

#1 of 5 trails in Mt Rushmore National Memorial

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Presidential Trail, Mt Rushmore is a 0.5 mile trail located near Keystone, South Dakota. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking.

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Jiminy Hufflepuff (113)

7 Completed0 Reviews

Quick hike that you must do when at mt Rushmore. Unfortunately you can't do the entire hike in the winter months due to icy steps. Offers great views though of the Presidents.

Lucas O. (115)

Tyler Harding (11319)

55 Completed61 Reviews

This is a must hike if visiting Mount Rushmore. The mountain is even better when you get can up close and view it from the base.

Cheryl Walker (1052)

20 Completed21 Reviews

Nice boardwalk trail to get you closer to the base of Mt. Rushmore. It has signs along the way that go into detail about/feature the individual presidents. At the end there is a studio to visit before heading back up to the main area/visitor's center.

Julie H (868)

30 Completed31 Reviews

Nice for families. Do it in the evening and combine with lighting ceremony.

Kevin Ensminger (205)

6 Completed6 Reviews

This trail is mostly a boardwalk and meant for family and history. Nice.

Tatiana Smith (6337)

80 Completed58 Reviews

Okay walk, nice to get a few different views of Mount Rushmore from various angles. Nothing to special, but nice to do if you're there.

Breck Tuttle (52045)

345 Completed348 Reviews

East walk to get a closer view of the faces

Scott B. (519)

Easy walk, not very exiting as trails go. The part is worth seeing once but you can see it from a couple of turnouts leading up to it better then anywhere in the park itself.

Clive Bixby (4106)

47 Completed35 Reviews

Mount Rushmore is beautiful and inspiring, and the Presidential Trail has some views of the monument that aren't typically shown in photographs. The trail is definitely worth the thirty minutes or so it will take you to walk it.

The trail surface is mostly level boardwalk, making most of the walking easy. However, moderate effort is occasionally required for stairs along the trail. There are several flights of stairs to climb at the end of the trail.