Alexander Trail

Thompson's Station, TN
Alexander Trail is a 1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Thompson's Station, TN that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from February until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

1.0 miles 59 feet Loop
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Kathy Malone
14 days ago

1 Completed2 Reviews

To clarify, the map shows only the 1-mile jogging trail that borders the main park. That has the 59-foot elevation change. But if you walk up the hill/mountain behind the main park, there are two different trails that have a lot of elevation change. There is a paved access road (to the water and cell phone towers) that goes down the mountain and separates the two dirt trails. A lot of fitness buffs like to sprint up the very steep paved road. The dirt trails., stephen's and Alexanders's, are poorly marked as others have said, but don't worry--you'll end up back at the paved road or over by the elementary school and you can find the paved way back up the mountain. The trails have something for everyone..,fitness and wildlife--butterflies and birds. Wildflowers. Some mud sometimes along the lower elevations of the trails. Highly recommend the whole place!!

Nicole willbanks
1 month ago

16 Completed2 Reviews

Not worth an hour drive. It's a very nice fitness trail. I was disappointed. It also is Not marked well.

Trevor Snow
1 month ago

5 Completed2 Reviews

Great trail. Directions weren't the best. Steep climbs mixed in along with great views.

Joe Thomas
3 months ago

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There are quite a bit of uphill sections. Great training ground for mountain bikers. Lots of rocky sections provide some technically. Nice short ride. There are sections where you can pick up some decent speed. Enjoy. Ride hard.

Carmen Klapper
3 months ago

5 Completed3 Reviews

Very pretty, good for kids and dogs

Kathy Malone
3 months ago

1 Completed2 Reviews

Hilly and it's pretty in the woods.

Todd Oberman
5 months ago

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Not well marked. Lost trail

Diane George
6 months ago

6 Completed5 Reviews

Cool rainy day, a little slippery on the steep parts, well-maintained in the park part but no trail heads from the ball park entrance. Great little herb/flower/doggy walk path just off the path.

Joe Musick
8 months ago

107 Completed9 Reviews

Jordan Clause
9 months ago

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Landon Miller
11 months ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Great little trail. You can combine Stephens way, Alexander's trail and Thompson station park to make this an easy 3.5-4 mile trail. Very well maintained even in the summer.

Candace Collins
11 months ago

7 Completed6 Reviews

There are 2 trails here Alexander and Stephens way... this is a great trail.. clear and in a wooded area but right in the middle of the city. My one desire is there needs to be more clearly defined routes... as to which way is north trail head or south trail head... I did do this one with my 10 year old daughter it wasn't bad at all.

George Hutton
1 year ago

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There are two trails here. Stephens way (1.8 miles) and Alexander's trail (1.1 miles), that switchback over a large hill, decent inclines. There are two crossing points of each trail and you can turn this into about a 40 min hike. It is dog friendly and we enjoy it

Emily Luke
1 year ago

2 Completed1 Reviews

Short hike but was really pretty. The park at the front looked really nice as well. I'll definitely go back when I'm in need again of a shorter walk close to home.

Ali HuYoung
2 years ago

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Hiked this trail today with my husband and our 2 and 3 year olds. 3 year old made it the whole way without help. Perfect first hike for her. A bit muddy, but it is March :)

Henry P.
2 years ago

I love this trail. I try to hike it at least once a week. It's strenuous but rewarding. The highway is close so you have some traffic noise but you can't see it.