Black Mountain

Black Mountain is a 10.8 mile loop trail located near Crab Orchard, Tennessee and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking & mountain biking and is accessible year-round.

10.8 miles Loop 180 feet
hiking mountain biking
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Heather Marie

14 Completed14 Reviews

Shauna Anschuetz

48 Completed43 Reviews

Black Mtn. Loop trail is 1.8 miles. The Black Mtn. thru section of the Cumberland Trail is about 3.5 miles in length. The seed ticks and chiggers are everywhere near the campsite. If you hike it in warm weather don't forget your bug spray. The Southern overlook is one of the best overlooks on the plateau.

Marissa Webb

22 Completed11 Reviews

Gorgeous, breath-taking views just outside of Crossville. Not a hard hike, great spot at the overlook to pack a picnic lunch and eat it while enjoying those views!

G Landen

10 Completed5 Reviews

Very easy and fun hike. This does have a great overlook view from the south side. It looks over Grassy Cove and Grandview beautifully. Fun for the whole family.

Gerry Hallcox

10 Completed5 Reviews

Easy beautiful hike around all the rocks, fantastic overlook! We hiked down to the bat cave also, which is a pretty moderate hike.

Stacy Reed

30 Completed14 Reviews

Beautiful views, we hiked this one at sunset. There is a small springhouse during the hike. Hike is a nice easy hike. Two different areas of overlooks.

Michael Curry

20 Completed16 Reviews

This is a great trail. I ran the first 0.5 miles of it, and made it to the southern overlook. It's an incredible view. As for mountain biking, it would be absolutely fun. There is enough room to maneuver the trail with lots of ruts and roots to devour. If you're looking to camp, there are spots to do this as well. It's an overall good trail.