Buggytop Trail and Sewanee Natural Bridge

Buggytop Trail and Sewanee Natural Bridge is a 4.4 mile out and back trail located near Sewanee, Tennessee that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

4.4 miles Out & Back 600 feet
Dog Friendly
hiking cave dogs leash forest
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Ample parking close to trailhead.

Heather Gray

8 Completed3 Reviews

This was a very beautiful trail. It was also very well marked. We got an early start and therefore had the whole trail/ cave to ourselves for exploring. We originally planned to hike this when it had rained the day before, but thanks to having read some of the comments below we decided to hold off another day and let things dry up a bit. This turned out to be a great choice on our part, as the trek back up from the cave was kind of rough - can't imagine having to get back up it in any wetter conditions. Had an absolute blast. Will be coming back to this one.

Paula Barber

1 Completed1 Reviews

Loved it, very beautiful!

Brendan Rauer

35 Completed8 Reviews

Cave was awesome, but was with someone who had a lot of experience in this cave. Be VERY carful during and after rain fall as the creek becomes a ragging river!

Heather Marie

14 Completed14 Reviews

Loved it!

Drew Cleek

2 Completed2 Reviews

Fun trail. Great place to take a beginner or children. The natural bridge is beautiful along with several natural cave formations.

Erik H

28 Completed11 Reviews

Denise Higgins

4 Completed3 Reviews

This trail was rated as easy. I am not a very experienced hiker but some spots were tough. There was a lot of climbing, but still a great hike. Worth the trek to see the beautiful cave. It was like sitting in a huge, air conditioned room.

Lee Summers

3 Completed3 Reviews

Has been a few years since i have made the hike. Back in the day we could ride ATV's to the top of the cave. Another good trail, tho' the trail it's self is just a hike through the woods, coming out at the top of the cave is a great view. The natural bridge is a nice sidebar attraction while you are in the area. Put these two on your calender together and have fun.

Jessica Pesut

24 Completed9 Reviews

Was pleasantly surprised by this trail. It was really fun to hike and the cave was amazing. I didn't even go in (it was closed and caves scare the crap out of me), but just walking in a bit and looking around was cool. There's even a few great views along the trail.

cindy solomon

1 Completed1 Reviews

Many of the comments from recent reviewers are spot on (slick trail when wet, bring head lamp to explore cave and so forth). I didn't read all of the reviews so pardon me if this is repetitive but a couple of important things to know: the sign at the trail head states that it's closed Nov. 1 through May 1. Good thing we showed up on May 2 but I'm not sure how you would keep people off the trail when it's "closed." Also there is poison ivy EVERYWHERE along the trail. It is a small miracle neither my husband nor I got itchy as we wore shorts to hike in. We were VERY mindful of where we stepped as we hiked because the plants were all along the path and in more than a few places in small patches on the path. That being said just watch where you go and where you might stop to take a break or a drink of water. There were sine pretty wild flowers along the way and the cave is really awesome. Water flow in the cave in early May may be higher than in the drier summer months so keep that in mind if you want to go in and explore. We did not have plastic sealed bags to put cameras and cell phones in so we did not explore much. Will go back someday better prepared.