Cummins Falls Trail

Cummins Falls Trail is a 3.5 mile loop trail located near Cookeville, TN that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

3.5 miles 521 feet Loop
dogs on leash hiking forest river waterfall
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LaRoe David

6 Completed6 Reviews

LaRoe David

6 Completed6 Reviews

Nathan Steils

12 Completed6 Reviews

Awesome view, but you're going to earn it to get to the bottom of the falls. The overlook does NOT do it justice.
Very difficult trek if you want to stay dry. Great home in the fall - had the place to myself early which added to the splendor.

Adam Greiner

16 Completed7 Reviews

Very easy hike but with a huge payoff. To add an interesting element, bring water shoes to hike through the gorge waters. The swimming hole is spectacular but can get very crowded. I truly hope the drunken hiker that I helped after he fell down the side of the cliff is ok. He has my favorite bandana

Bill Brawner

2 Completed2 Reviews

I'd say moderate is accurate. I've done it twice now and both times I was feeling it by the time I made it back to the car. You'll spend about 15% of the hike in the water and I recommend a dry pair of socks for the return trip. There are a couple of places to swap out your footing once you've cleared the water and begin the accent back to the main portion of the trail which is dense forest. The summer heat can take a toll so be prepared. Falls are beautiful, although this second trip.. it was completely packed with people and it was far less enjoyable.

Lindsay Mescher

15 Completed8 Reviews

I thought I was prepared and second guessed wearing tennis shoes and light pants/shorts over jeans and water resistant boots. Terrible idea! This isn't a hike for jeans and hiking boats. I was told by a few people to only expect my feet to get wet but we were thigh deep multiple times to get to the falls! It was completely worth it, I just wished I would have been more prepared.

Stephanie Cameron

6 Completed1 Reviews

Love this hike and these falls! Went during the summer so we had a blast cooling off by swimming in Cummins falls. The hike is not hard if your in shape and prepared (good shoes that can get wet, and light pack). It's crazy how so many of the people were very unprepared and putting themselves, their kids, and of course rescue workers in danger. You have to respect nature and research your trails. The trails and falls are primitive (I hope it stays that way) so come prepared. Pretty steep hike down to creek bed. You hike along the bank but often have to trek in water across slippery river rocks. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRASH!!! This place gets crowded so go early to avoid crowds. Hopefully one of natures treasures won't be ruined by the increased popularity of this swimming hole.

Cheri Rideout

10 Completed4 Reviews

Loved these falls! Really enjoyed the moderate trek up the gorgeous river to the falls base. Definitely plan on crossing through water so footwear appropriate to hike and tolerate water is needed. No flip flops for sure- Stunning area! The hike back out is a bit of a strenuous climb if your not a fan of hills. It's over and done with fairly soon though and the rest of the hike is fairly easy.

Brandy Dishner

4 Completed4 Reviews

Great! The hike down the shortcut was a bit rough (and back up again was even more difficult) but beauty awaits you at the end of the creek. Wear safe water shoes with hard bottoms, you will get wet and the rocks are slippery.

Kay Maurer-Wilder

2 Completed1 Reviews

Must see!