David Crockett State Park Campground

#2 of 2 trails in David Crockett State Park

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David Crockett State Park Campground is located near Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The trail is primarily used for camping and is accessible year-round.



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Shoal Creek Trail in Davy Crockett State Park is one of my favorite trails of all time. Moderate hike of a little over a mile along Shoal Creek. Starts in the back of Campground 1 and ends at the back of the park at the falls. Several other trails branch off or connect to this trail to make for a great short hike or an all day one.



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We have spent many days hiking at Crockett state park. There are a good selection of trails with many levels of Ease to choose from. There are lots of deer, turkeys, and geese to be seen and the staff and rangers have been terrific. A great place to spend a day or two.



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We spent the 4th of July weekend at David Crockett State Park. We had a very nice time. We took our travel trailer. The park is beautiful. We enjoyed hiking and swimming. We saw wildlife on a daily basis. It would be nice if they would update the camping pads and add sewer hook-ups.



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great place for family fun