Goshen Prong Trail via Little River

#90 of 195 trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Goshen Prong Trail via Little River is a 7.6 mile out and back trail located near Gatlinburg, Tennessee that features a river. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for camping & hiking.

7.6 miles Out & Back
camping hiking cave river
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matt williams

8 Completed7 Reviews

I accessed little river via husky gap and chose to continue south to Goshen prong. not long after husky gap intersects little river trail you will see an old railroad bridge which is currently the little river crossing that offers some good views of the river from the bridge. following from the bridge northwest goes back towards civilization (saw a few day hikers in this area) However I chose to continue south on little river to the Goshen prong intersection and follow Goshen prong further south. Goshen prong also parallels the river for a while with few small creek crossings as well as a few smaller falls on the trail shoulder. however if you are choosing to continue Goshen prong for the 4 to 5 mile hike to campsite 23 be aware of the two river crossings approx. 1000 yards prior to the campsite as my girlfriend and I had to take our boots off, roll our pants up and wade through the large creeks (possibly due to excessive recent rainfall.) but shortly after you will reach campsite 23. the remainder of my review will resume under "Goshen Prong Trail". due to dramatic changes following the campsite and the screwy way this particular section is listed on all trails

Carol Fullerton

14 Completed3 Reviews

Started from Double Spring Gap Shelter on the AT. Too the Goshen Prong trail to campsite 23. It was a tough down hill with lots of rocks but it was a beautiful area. Nice camping next to the creek and we got to see the light show from the Fireflies -- it was amazing!

Greg Fugate

2 Completed4 Reviews

Started from the AT very rocky and challenging for the first two miles. Camped at 23. Some of the lost amazing scenery I have ever seen.

Michael Hall

29 Completed29 Reviews