Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a 75 mile trail located near Gatlinburg, TN that features a great forest setting. The trail is primarily used for hiking and scenic driving and is accessible year-round.

75.0 miles
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Dana Smith
7 months ago

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Day hiked portions of the app trail near the district 11 campgrounds on the drive from Chattanooga to Gatlinberg. Very well marked and beautiful water streams. Went early in the morning. The Elkmont district still has old abandoned homes in tact and this was quite interesting as a bonus off the path at the end of our day hike.

Ashley Keene
8 months ago

8 Completed8 Reviews

Brooke Nix
1 year ago

14 Completed9 Reviews

This is by far my favorite place I've ever had to visit. I can't wait for my next trip next year.

Jen K.
2 years ago

Came here the first weekend of November to see the fall colors, and - SURPRISE - we got a huge snow storm! We came up from Atlanta through Cherokee, NC, and they ended up closing the main road through the park, so we had to drive around the north side of the park and down into Gatlinburg, TN where we were staying. It added about another 1.5 hours onto the drive, but it was beautiful! The next day they reopened the road once the ice on the road had been salted, and we had a great time exploring the park. Gorgeous scenery, so do not forget your camera! Don't miss Clingman's Dome. We drove up there, but it was so cold and windy this past visit that we just stayed in the parking lot, but the view there is great too. Didn't make it to Cades Cove this time, but will probably take our daughter there when it is warmer. Lovely hiking and camping. The best mountains you can drive to in the south.

Navigator B
2 years ago

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There is a huge reason to enjoy this park. People can drive, hike, horseback ride, backpack, learn, and do many things in the Smokies. There are views, waterfalls, historical settlements, lookout towers and campgrounds. The smokies is a great park, and I love to go here to hike and enjoy the outdoors. Newfound Gap road is always a good place to start, with places to hike, settlements, and nice curves. Thanks to the park, towns like Cherokee and Gatlinburg have become tourist towns.

Swamp R.
2 years ago

My parents took me to the Smokies because their parents took them. Now i am taking my children as often as possible. Great place to make memories.

Steven Carter
3 years ago

11 Completed4 Reviews

Been all throughout the GSMNP area many times during my life, both as a kid and as a dad. Our last visit was in May of 2010. It was the first time I was able to take my wife and kids on a "real" vacation. It was the best vacation we've ever had and we're hoping to take a trip back there in the near future.

Allison Farmer
3 years ago

20 Completed17 Reviews

I am a huge fan of very long trails. HOWEVER, we actually looked for some shorter trails like Cade's cove area and the kids loved that they had to hike IN the creek... there is something for everyone here obviously. We visited for a week in the hottest part of the summer but found we needed extra warm clothes for Clingman's Dome. We didnt bring them and the kids were bummed out. It was about 25 degrees cooler there! Stop and speak to rangers and pick up a trail guide to plan your visit- well worth it.

Kenny Underwood
4 years ago

5 Completed2 Reviews

I've hiked most of the trails in the Smoky Mountains. Goshen Prong, Little River, Alum Bluff, Chimney Top, AT, Alum Bluff is my favorite.

Paige O'neal
5 years ago

8 Completed4 Reviews

It's been faaaar too long since I've been there, but the grounds were all well kept and the trails nice.

Allie C.
5 years ago

I take this drive at least 2 x a year. The mountains are my home.

Les Phagan
5 years ago

174 Completed98 Reviews

Beautiful drive, just take your time.