House Mountain

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Take a short challenging hike right in the city!

3.7 miles 1046 feet Loop
dog friendly hiking trail running
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There are many trails and variations to the area but this hike will be described as a loop hike in counter clock motion.
Take the main trail from the parking lot and then turn right on the blue blaze trails. There are many rock formations to see and winter views from this trail. After 1 mile you reach the red blaze trail it is 1.5 mile in length but will add a little more to your hike if you go all the way out to the rock outcrop for the best views from the top. Go back (west) on the trail for 1.5 miles until you reach the west overlook. Nice views but the scenery is littered with cell towers and buildings from the view of Knoxville accented with interstate noise. The connector to the white blaze trail is covered by blow downs at the time of this review so a little off trail is required to get to the white blaze trail. This trail is 0.8 mi and will quickly descend to the main parking lot to finish the loop.

Lauren Davis

1 Completed0 Reviews

It was a very difficult hike. Rocky terrain, straight up mountains. But beautiful scenery. Definitely worth it!! Make sure you don't wear jeans or tennis shoes! BOOTS:)

Bobby Wiseman

6 Completed5 Reviews

Cayla Corum

1 Completed1 Reviews

Joseph Anderson

11 Completed1 Reviews

Ishman Martino

1 Completed1 Reviews

Amazing hike the hole thing.

Martha Turner

7 Completed8 Reviews

My husband and I hike house mountain the day after Thanksgiving to walk off the turkey. it was a clear beautiful sun shining day. we made the complete loop including all the overviews. One of my favorite photo spots is setting on the tree limb that looks like you're hanging out in space. it was a busy trail but interesting with lots of rocks and great views.

Marie Merritt

4 Completed5 Reviews

Took my 10 year old grand daughter on her first hike! Beautiful clear day!

Marie Merritt

4 Completed5 Reviews

First hike for me and my daughter! Loved it! Cloudy, so no view, but awesome hike

Amber Klugz

1 Completed1 Reviews

It was my very first trail and I really enjoyed it.

David Browder

12 Completed1 Reviews

great day hike, If traffic Is bad going to the smokies, come to house mountain instead