Montgomery Bell State Park Campground

#1 of 5 trails in Montgomery Bell State Park

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Montgomery Bell State Park Campground is a 10.5 mile trail located near Burns, Tennessee. The trail is primarily used for camping and is accessible year-round.

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Alana Johnson (212)

6 Completed1 Reviews

Rick Hamilton (335)

4 Completed3 Reviews

Great trail for a day hike. Montgomery Bell is just one of gems we have in our state park system. One warning, there lots of leaves of three plants with parts having narrow trails so proceed cautiously.

Rick Hamilton (335)

4 Completed3 Reviews


1 Completed1 Reviews

Great day hike trail or over night trip. Also a great trail to train younger hikers or people new to backpacking. The lake seen while walking the trail offers some additional fishing possibilities to increase the activities which can be done during an overnight packing trip. You can view my complete video review at the following link:

Kenny Moore (142)

4 Completed5 Reviews

This is a great trail. Really smooth. Great directions through out the trail. The trail has a great flow to it. Good luck on Tommy's Revenge. Nice challenge Use Maprika app if you need it to guide ya better.

Kenny Moore (142)

4 Completed5 Reviews

This is a great trail. Really smooth. Nice flow. Great directions thru out the trails. Tommy's Revenge is a nice challenge. The people there do an awesome job maintaining the trails.

Kevin Riner (417)

11 Completed6 Reviews

I hiked this Nov. 2013 with a friend. We stayed at one of the shelters and thoroughly enjoyed the hike. It has good scenery as well as a couple of good elevation changes. You can check out what I wrote at

Brian Veasman (342)

3 Completed3 Reviews

I like Montgomery Bell loop because it is close to the house, you can knock out 9 miles before lunch and still have the day ahead of you. This was my first trip with trekking poles, love'm. The trails get slippery in the winter because of dead leaves, wet trails, ice covered trails, etc. The trekking poles made the hike quicker and more stable.

Stephen Williams (168)

6 Completed1 Reviews

Excellent trail! The trail is well maintained and blazed! Would be a great trail for a beginner fairly moderate trail with just enough elevation changes. This will be one to hike again!

Sam Butler (616)

17 Completed13 Reviews

Fun camp ground. Good facilities, good hiking. Will return