Mount Cammerer via Low Gap

#25 of 184 trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Mount Cammerer via Low Gap is a 12.0 mile out and back trail located near Cosby, Tennessee and is rated as strenuous . The trails is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

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Pat Helms (1109)

14 Completed14 Reviews

One of the premier climbs of the park.

Been up many times - each one unique. The most memorable trek done so far has been Christmas Day, 2013, with a snow covered trail and no clouds to be seen!

Mike Bradshaw (723)

25 Completed28 Reviews

Hard hike, but totally worth the payoff.

Betsy Elwert (175)

5 Completed5 Reviews

Went many years ago with friends but it was a good trail! View was awesome from the top!

Matthew Hopkins (253)

8 Completed3 Reviews

Great hike! Uphill for 6 miles, and then down hill for 6 miles. At least the middle 4 miles was snow covered, with opportunities for "ankle turning" if you do not pay attention to foot placement. The view at the top was incredible! When you get to the App. Trail portion (take left), that portion you feel like you are at the top but it is still almost 1 hour across to the Fire Tower. We saw no animals at all, not even a squirrel!

Jeremy Landt (653)

39 Completed5 Reviews

One of the most beautiful places in the smokies, however it's also a popular place. 2700 feet elevation change from Cosby Campground and worth every foot.

Tami Russell (391)

10 Completed10 Reviews

Mount Cammerer is one of my favorite destinations in the Smokies. I've been several times: once up Lower Mt. Cammerer Trail and down Low Gap, once along the AT on a hike of the AT in Tennessee, and once up Low Gap to Mt Cammerer and down Lower Mt Cammerer Trail. Any way you want to go, it's SOOO worth it! The views are spectacular in clear weather, but the day I was there in the rain with NO views, it's still an amazing place. The history behind the structure of the tower itself is awe-inspiring. This is a MUST-SEE destination in the Eastern United States, in my opinion! Just DO it! Plan an early start so you can spend some time at the tower--you're never gonna want to leave! Read about my first trip up here:

Jacob Cotton (426)

19 Completed13 Reviews

Absolutely Fantastic trail! One of the best views in the Smokies. Trail is extremely rocky and a bit steep for the first half. Going down for us was almost just as difficult because of the rockiness. Had a kid playing the fiddle up there when we got to the tower which was a real treat. Had to wait a few minutes for the clouds to drift through, but when it did it was such an amazing view.

Stephen Romaine (264)

9 Completed10 Reviews

AMAZING HIKE!!!! We started at 3:30 in the morning and go to the top just as the sun was rising! I made a time lapse of the sun rise. Fair warning its a longer hike and quite strenous. Me and my friend ended up running the last mile and a half to make it before sunrise. I highly reccommend this! 360 degree view of the mountains!!!

Nick Parker (349)

19 Completed8 Reviews

best tower in the east

Victoria 'Vicki' Q. (329)

Did this trail on a Halloween 08, and there was a light dusting of snow already. The view from the Fire Tower is amazing. A must do trail!